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Looking for a mate

Posted on Sat Nov 24th, 2018 @ 5:20pm by Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur

Location: Rebekka's Shuttle
Timeline: after lunch

David left the galley area and headed back towards Rebekka's shuttle home. He kept quiet as he made it to her doorway. as he tapped hard on the hull (knocking on it) As he waited casually for a response. Hoping he was not intruding on her with anyone else or another crew member. As he fiddled with the data chip he had in his hand that was in his pocket.

Rebekka stopped in the middle of the mess that she was attempting to clean. She went to the hatch and opened it. She looked at the man and then back into her shuttle. "David? How can I help you?"

"Sorry to bother you. But do you think you have some time to help me find a companion or mate.?" David said with a bit of a blush to his face.

She smiled at the man. "I can help you." Rebekka said she open the hatch. "Just mind the mess." The living area looks like it had gone through a shootout. Bullet marks everywhere, most of the furniture was blown to pieces, and most of the drapes where in a pile in the corner, which looks like there is blood on them.

"Well i guess we need to talk some trash. LOL. " David said with a laugh. I can fix the drapes and as for the furniture we can get you new stuff."

"My last client is on the hook for all the damage and my medical bills, because of his family's blood feud." Rebekka stated. "Now let's see who we can find for you. Getting a Companion will be easy enough with a referral from me."

"well, that's good you are not loosing out on anything then." David said with a small smile. Can you tell me more about the companions in general. are they exclusive to one person or do they have to share?" David asked as he blushed a bit by the question he just asked.

"Well we share our time normally, but there are those that take permanent positions with their clients." Rebekka said with a smile. "Now that are a few like me that rent some quarters on a ship and move

"I see!" David said softly. As he started feeling more alone now than ever. David was not sure what to say or do at this point.

"David, such looks are unbefitting a handsome man as yourself." Rebekka said stepping up to the man and taking his hands. "We have only started this search, and I will be here for every step."

"thank you." David said softly with a small faltering smile. "I appreciate that."

"No problem David, we are friends after all." Rebekka said pulling him over to the cockpit to use that computer screen. "Okay a few simple questions. What kind of guy do you want? Hair color, eye color, height, ripped muscle wise or firm muscle?"

"red hair but open to hair color, Blue, green or grey eyes, about 6 foot tall or taller it can be lower to 5'10, ripped or firm muscle is fine no fatties. or fems." David blushed a bit at he answered questions. he needs to be a top or vers. facial hair is nice too. Any other questions?" David said after turning a nice shade of red.

"David you don't need to be embarrassed." Rebekka said with a smile. "If it makes you more comfortable, I prefer women. I like them tall, and fit, with long hair to go with long legs that go all the way up to an ass that doesn't quit." It was her turn to turn a crimson color.

"thank you Rebekka I do feel more at ease." David said calmly to her. Was there any more questions?" David asked softly to her.

"As for questions, not at this time." Rebekka said putting in information supplied by David, into the Companion Database. Within moments hundreds of files appeared, but grouped into tens. Starting with all the information supplied and going down to no matches. "Now I did put in that you wanted someone younger than 40, but older than 21. Is that okay, David?"

"yes! that is fine Rebekka. The age is good for starters we could go as hi as 44ish." David said calmly to her. "Wow I did not know that there were so many companions."

"Variety of tastes for a variety clients." Rebekka said with a smile. Then she thought of something. "Any fetishes that could narrow the list down?"

"Honestly I never really thought about that." As david tried to think a bit. "Like what? david finally asked with a bit of red face forming again.

"To tell you the accepted ones." Rebekka said thinking. "There is bondage, voyeurism, sex in public, orgies or multiple partners at once, but there is, also roleplaying and dressing up in sexy clothes. That is just to name a few."

"Well? None of those don't seem that interesting." David commented softly to her. "I guess I am a bit old fashioned."The closest thing I like men in speedos or bikini briefs. like hairy guys facial hair stache beard ...." David said blushing a bit.

"Or out of them?" Rebekka joked with the man. "You should see some of the items that my some of my clients like." She said looking over the information. "Okay so this should get you started with a Companion. So you know that we are very religious about being disease free." She stated as she placed her hand on her side.

David was not sure about what to say as the shock wore off. "I understand." David said calmly to her. "I am clean...." He just sat there for loss of any other words. "I guess that is a plus." he barely squeaked out.

"That is good to know." Rebekka said with a pained smile. "Take a looked at the list."

"If you wish me to get a checkup from the doctor or your personal doctor to make sure all is well that is up to you I won't fight you," David said with a soft smile. As he snuggled up to Rebekka a bit as he tried to look at what she was seeing.

"Well that is good to know." Rebekka said. "I know someone on Whitefall that could give you a check up. Now do you see anyone you would like to get to know?" She said gesturing to the list of pictures.

David looked over the display carefully. As he tried to make a choice which was hard they all were amazing handsome. "I am not sure if I can choose." David commented flatly. Number three I guess and number 7 is nice too. "But I have been known to pick bad choices or other issues.

Rebekka smiled at his choices. "I personally know both men." She said opening the files. "Liam's specialties is message and.... well... love making." She said showing David that file. "Now Erik..." She started to blush, again, as she opened the file. "He was my first sexual encounters. So he is really skilled at that art, also, he is a fine musician."

"I don't know Rebekka I do like both of them but the only issues I have is that Erik is a musician that usually means a player?" David said feeling a bit odd now. And he hoped that if he did chose Erik that there would not be any off feeling there? he thought to himself as he really focused on the too guys.

"I'm a musician, a singer, and a cook." Rebekka said with a smile. "It means that his hands are really talented in other areas as well." She stated. "Now he doesn't have to play anything for you. We Companions are trained in multiple areas of pleasure." Then she smiled at David. "You know both men are skilled chef's."

David listened to all that Rebekka said before he spoke again. "My concern was the player?? as in like to fool around with others at the same time they say they are monogamous but lie and play around behind there back I lost a relationship due to the cheating is the concern with a musician." He took a deep breath as he spoke again. " I do agree that them being a musician and there great with there hands and fingers."

"Granted not all Musicians are players or cheaters but that's the only concern I see with Erik but since you know Erik and know him a lot more than I am willing to try him. But I won't force myself onto anyone if they don't want me or want to try me then I can understand." David said with sad eyes.

" Ian is a nice catch as well. The same thing applies there too. I won't force anyone to be with me I would like a free will." David said as he fell quiet.

Rebekka chuckled at David's proclamation. "That is good because all Companions are trained in hand-to-hand and weapons. She said. "Besides we like being with people. And I agree Ian is a great catch, but don't ask him to sing." She snickered at that.

"Well, that's a good thing it's nice to have a makeshift bodyguard." David said oddly. "That might be a wise choice to pass on the singing." David said with a sigh. As he tried to think over the options.

"Well we do have to protect ourselves." Rebekka said to David, studying him. "Would you like to review theses files on your own?"

"No! Rebekka I definitely need your advice and thoughts please." David said with dismay. He was not sure of what to do. He liked both me even though it was simple pics and he knew looks were not everything. "Tell me more about them Rebekka?? Please??" he begged. "what do they sound like?"

She smiled at the man. "All you had to do was ask. These are video files." Rebekka said with a chuckle as she hit play on Liam's file. "What do you think?" She asked as the video ended after he explained his specialties.

"I should have known you had video files." As he listened with his eyes closed. "I am loving Liam's voice. Now let's here the others." he tried to make sure to be fair to himself and the others. As he looked at Rebekka oddly at first for a moment as he closed his eyes again. As he heard her hit play again on the next video.

"Now this is Erik." She said playing the video and even she listened to the man's deep and rich baritone.

"damn!! that is a deep voice." David said calmly to her. "This is not going to be an easy choice." David said kinda dismayed. "But I believe I am being more drawn to the Liam."

"Well good." Rebekka said. As she smiled she turned quickly as she gave three sharp and hard coughs. "Sorry, I'll be right back." She said getting up and heading back into her sleeping area.

David watched with concern as she disappeared from his sight. but he was not sure of what to say as tried not to take things personally. "Are you ok Rebekka??"He finally asked her from where he was. Feeling that he might have said something wrong. He stood and started towards the door of the shuttle. "Maybe I should come back later." David commented quickly.

"I'm fine." She said stopping David. "It was just that I had gotten shot, when this happened." Rebekka stated. "Just having a few complications from it."

"I am sorry Rebekka. I was not aware are you ok?" David said with genuine concern. As he slowly moved back to where he was. As he took a seat again as he waited for her to answer. "Should I send for the doctor?" David asked.

"No no. I'm fine at the moment. I will be seeing a doctor at Whitefall that caters to us Companions." Rebekka said returning with a pair of glasses of water. "Is water okay? I have alcohol if you want some of that instead?"

"Water is fine! I don't do alcohol that often just the occasional mixed drink like a mudslide or my homemade favorite Hawaiian punch and coconut rum." David said blushing a bit. "Let me know I will help you out till you are better." David offered.

"Thank you David for the offer." Rebekka said taking a sip of her water and handing the other glass to him. "There is a team at Whitefall waiting to hit this shuttle." She said taking a seat. "Now I believe we were talking about Liam?"

"Yes!" blushing hard now. "Yes we were."David said quickly. blushing more. " what else can you tell me about Liam?" David ask wanting to hide now but there was no place to run.

"No need to be embarrassed David." She said placing her hand on his leg. "Liam, is very intelligent, a great listener, oh and he really is into poetry. He wouldn't admit it though." Rebekka stated with a bright smile.

"So whats the next step?? David said trying not to blush anymore. "One a paper bag?" David said with a straight face. As he waited for her answer. Even admitting to himself that a paperbag was a good choice right now.

"Well normally you would be required to make a video about yourself, but with a recommendation from a fellow Companion, it will cut through the red tape." Rebekka stated. "Now you are, also, in luck that Liam is on Whitefall, on a personal errand."

"What a video???" David said with a bit of shock. "I might break the camera." David said putting himself down. "White fall??? He is there???" David now looking like a deer in headlights. "I better go try and get cleaned up and find some nice clothing." David said as he took a drink of water. but he did not move.

"We Companions get to choose who are with." Rebekka explained with a bit of a cross look on her face. She removed her hand from his leg and took a hold of David's chin. "Now listen you me, your are a very ruggedly handsome man. You are good with your hands, you are very intelligent, and you have a lot to offer in any relationship." Then she gave a little smirk. "Did I forget to mention that Liam likes guys who like to work with their hands."

"yea I believe you did!?" as David blushed so read he look like he got sunburned. As he tried to get all of the comments to sink in. He was going to say something but failed as his voice was now lost to him. As he took another drink of water in hopes that his voice would return to him as He tried again as a whisper finally slipped out. "I might have an older video of an introduction I have done a while back let me see if I can find it." as he tapped a few controls on her terminal and placed the video on an auxiliary screen for her to look over.

Rebekka watched the video. "Well it would need to be updated, but we have time to do that, or...." She grinned as she looked at David. "You can let Liam work his magic on you with the video. He is good with such things."

"What are you meaning??? Magic on me??" David said with a faltering voice. David looked at her for more explanation. " I am doomed." David squeaked out before taking another drink of water. "What's the matter with me??" He squeaked out again. As his voice faltered again. As he waited for a more explained answers while he drank more water.

"Not a damn thing David." Rebekka said with a snicker. "What I mean is that Liam is very good at doing videos. I mean so good, that he should be doing holomovies for a living. Most of the girls at the house trying to get Liam to help with their own video files.

"I see I hope I can become an Adonis." David said with another red flushed face. " I can tell that Liam is a very talented man. But am I good enough for such a man?" Saying his comment not meant to be a bad thing. "Am I good enough for him?" He questions out loud not meaning to was more meant to himself. David waited for Rebekka to retaliate on him. As he finished off his water.

"David, remember that your are good for any man." Rebekka said gathering herself up. "And yes, I think you two would hit it off right away."

David blushed again. "I guess I am not used to such compliments and such." David said with sadness. "All I got when I was younger was name calling and bullying so it's kinda hard to do anything with such bad feelings and memories. I hope I don't screw this up." David said almost praying to a god even if there was a god. David was almost in tears about this. As he tried to get up off the couch and failed.

"I understand, David." Rebekka said. "I've been called every word that means whore sense before I started my career as a Companion." She stated. "Just remember David, just be you. You are not trying to impress anyone. So just be the sweet and considerate guy that you are."

"thank you, Rebekka." David said with a hard sigh. "I will do my best to remember that." David said softly to her. "How about more water or tea?" David asked her. "Is there anything else to do?" David asked softly again.

"Sure." Rebekka said retrieving David's glass. "Unfortunately we will need to wait until we get to Whitefall." She went and got more water for David, as she wanted to serve tea, but her tea pot was destroyed in the shootout in her shuttle. "Have any other questions?" She asked handing the man is glass.

"I am not sure but I guess we have to wait for answers and Try to get another video made of my introduction for Liam???" David said dismayed as he sighed hard. "What do we have to do?? To make sure we deal with al protocols properly."David asked trying not to fail or feel bad now.

"Well the video is easy." Rebekka said with a smile. "You just have to talk about yourself and be honest."

David sighed hard. "I am ......." as his voice broke off hard.
As he felt the weight of this world on him as he froze like a statue.

"David?" Rebekka asked she she laid her hand on his leg. "David, you are freezing up, and not being honest with yourself."

"Oh? How is that?" As he thought about it. "So I am worth it??" David asked as his voice fell silent again. "It is so hard to fight through years of hatred and biased." David said softly but quickly added. "Maybe I need a mind wipe??" As he braced for a hit from Rebekka.

"I see." Rebekka said looking at the man. "If you get a mind wipe, then you wouldn't be the sweet and charming guy that you are. David, I understand about fighting years of hatred and bias. I'm a Companion and many think we are just over paid prostitutes." She sighed and looked at the floor briefly. "David, I have only told one other person on the Nightwolf this. When I was still in training, my teacher was beaten to death and the men that did it, also, had beaten me, but they also......" She sighed heavily again. "They also raped me. During the time they where beating and raping me they told me that I'm nothing but a prostitute and no one will believe me if I told anyone. I did tell the authorities and my house, and to this day they walk free."

David could not say any more. the realization and torment of Rebekka stunned him into silence. He was to raped during a weak time he was ill with the flu. He was fucked repeatedly by his so-called lover was drunk and abusive and forced himself on him repeatedly till he was spent. All David could do was crawl out of bed and crawl to the shower to clean up after the ordeal.
All David could do was cover his face and cry.

Rebekka looked horrified at seeing David crying, then it dawned on her on why. She took him into her arms. "I'm sorry, David, I didn't know." She said as tears slide down her own cheeks. "I can understand why you are so hard on yourself." She said as her voice broke.

David gave in and let all the tension go as he let Rebekka hold him. As he started to calm down. "I am sorry." David said through the sobs. AS he started to regain control. He was definitely embarrassed. "May i use you sink to freshen up?" David commented as he felt drained of energy.

"Sure." Rebekka said getting up to show him where the restroom was at.

David left the door open all he needed was some water to splash on his face to clean it and refresh him. As he quickly dried his face off. "Thank you Rebekka Shall we get this movie over with?" David said quickly as he tried to keep his nerve.

Rebekka smiled at David. "Sure this way...." She stopped and looked at the stated of affairs that was her living area. Then she sighed heavily.

"What's wrong? Rebekka?" David asked her as he noticed the change in her face and voice. "We can definitely do what is needed before we take the video." David said with a small sly smile.

"Even if you help me with this mess, it will still take hours to get it cleaned." Rebekka stated. "I, also, don't have the replacements yet."

"We can do the video somewhere else? Or should we wait?" David asked as he tried to keep his emotions out of the picture. "We can use my room its clean and homey? Or we can do it in engineering?" David offered.

Rebekka grinned at the man. "The engine room would be perfect."

"Great I better go find something decent to wear." David said calmly. "Care to help me find something to wear Rebekka??" As he waited for an answer.

"I'll be glad to help David." She said with a grin. "I'm sure you have a few nice outfits set to the side, just waiting for someone fun."

"Yea maybe ?? " David said quickly as he moved his way to his cabin as he hoped that Rebekka would follow along. As he opened his cabin door to a pristine clean conditioned room that looked like it belonged to a n high end resort room. "Please come in Rebekka the closet and dresser is over there please take a look as i freshen up a bit before the big change."

Rebekka smiled at the man. "Alright, I will see what we have to work with."

David looked at Rebekka. And shook his head as he was confused by her. David sighed and kept quiet as he finished cleaning up in the other room as he made his way back. "Find anything interesting?" David asked flatly.

"Very." Rebekka said with a smile. "You have some very nice clothes, and most look like they haven't been worn."

"Yea sadly i can agree there that there are some clothing that i haven't warn or used yet. Others are in the need of being recycled as well." David commented calmly to her. "What have you picked out for me?" David commented as he came back to see what she had fond in the lost treasures.

"Well that depends." Rebekka said with a smile. "I will need to to put them on so I can see how they look on you."

"Very well !" as David picked up the first series of clothing as he went to the changing divider as he quickly change out of his old clothes into the others she has picked first. As he straightened himself as he moved past the divider for her to see. "What do you think?" David asked bushing a bit.

"You look very nice, David." Rebekka said looking the man over. "Lets see the next set, please."

david moved back behind the screen again as he underseed again and placed the clothes he had on and placed them neatly in a pile on the table behind him as he put on the next set of clothing as he straighten up again as he moved back around the screen again. "And this one?"

Rebekka lite up at seeing David in the next outfit. "We got the perfect outfit, David. Now do you have vid recorder? Mine was damaged in the shootout."

David thought about it for a moment. "Oh Yes! I do I have two of them it was a special deal I got before I joined the ship. They're both new and state of the art machines. As he went to his closet and pulled out both machines and gave one to Rebekka and the other he placed on his table behind the dressing Screen." As he returned to her. "You can have that one for yourself Rebekka to replace the one you lost and maybe I can look over the machine later to see if I can fix it for you too." David said with a small smile.

"Thank you David." Rebekka said with her own smile. "Now that we have the outfit, we need to get this video going."

"Do we have everything?" David asked quickly. "we are not missing anything? And where are we flming at ? here or engineering?" David asked feeling theredness sart to show again.

"The engine room. I know you would be the most comfortable there." Rebekka said taking the camera in hand.

"Ok then were off to engineering then." David said kinda excited as he started skipping down the corridor to engineering not realizing he was doing it.

Rebekka watched the man as he seemed to be getting excited to do this video. She followed until they got to engineering. "So this is the engine room?" She said as she looked around. "I've never been in here."

"You had to see it before its completely different now." One is cleaner and whiter and also will be sooner or later restored to new condition as well." David said with a smile. "How are we going to do this? A Question and answer thing or something else?"

Rebekka smiled at the man. "You're going to talk about yourself. You likes, dislikes, and your career."

"Me talk about myself?? David said alarmed as he turned red again as he tried to hide his face. " I might as well freeze up." David said almost frantic now.

"David, you need to trust yourself. If you believe that you are going to freeze up, you will." Rebekka said flatly.

"I trust myself I know I can rely on myself or I would not have gotten this far." David sighed. "It's me trying to open up to an unknown person is the challenge. Damn my shyness." David commented flatly. "I will try another idea."He did not say any more as he just thought of the camera was Rebekka as he focused on that and let the camera disappear from his vision. As he focused on Rebekka.

"I am ready as I am going to be Rebekka." David commented without any other emotion.

"Okay." Rebekka said. "So tell me about yourself?"

"Hello, I am David Robinson Jr. Nice to meet you. I am going to try and tell you more about myself I am an engineer on the Nightwolf currently. I am a simple and shy man I am not sure on what to say. I am kind and considerate and loving and loyal man." As Davids' face blushed a bit.

"I am an old world romantic man if there is such a thing anymore. To be honest I am new to this option of dating and such. I have had issues meeting the right person or partner. I won't go in details here but let's say there were plainly put liars, flakes or cheaters. "

"So please bear with me I will do my best not to cause any problems or create a fopah or any disrespect or cultural taboo to you or your beliefs." David sighed not meaning to as he continued. "I have had my heart broken and mind games and worse." As David stopped a moment before continuing.

"I know I am not the best or worse people have dated. But I am tired of feeling alone all the time and also feel like the lowest class citizen." David put it politely as he could. without trying to use vulgar language. Which David knew that was not needed for this video. "Thank you for your time and consideration." David sighed hard as he felt like crying now.

Rebekka went and retrieved the camera and turned it off. She set it back down and went to David and gave him a hug. "I know this is hard for you, but you did wonderfully."

"Really?" David as he tried to hold the feelings together. "thank you for being here and the hug."

"What are friends for." Rebekka said with a smile. "Besides everyone deserves happiness in their lives."

End of Part One


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