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Medical Supply run On Harvest part 4

Posted on Sat Sep 15th, 2018 @ 8:54pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur

Location: Nightwolf

Jupiter looked back at Sasha "We've met, but its good to see you again, local whore." She said with a head shake and nod towards Rebekka as she continued along the tour with Sasha.

Sasha shook her head,and chuckled at Jupiter."Jupiter Rebekka
don't like to be called a whore, I just say it once in a while." Sasha smiled to Jupiter while showing her around.
Sasha thought to herself, that was one thing i don't tell the newbe personal,about Rebekka being the local whore.
Sasha kept on with the tour.

Rebekka glared at Sasha. "Try all the time." She said flatly. "Perhaps later we can talk, Jupiter."

Jupiter gave her a wink and headed off after Sasha. "Where to next?"

Sasha looked over to Rebekka with a short smile."Hey i can't help your a whore. Companions ,Whores same thing." Sasha chuckled a little bit. "Come on Jupiter theres more to see on the Nightwolf." Sasha smiled to her, and walked along with Jupiter."Over here is the dining area where you can get something to eat,and drink,and dine with the other crew members." Sasha told Jupiter."Also this big area is for your belongings,and other cargo we pick up, but I ask is if you really need to be here its for your belongings only, other than that we
Ask people to stay away from this area." Sasha pointed out to jupiter. Then Sasha said "along the sides here are crew quarters only. So if you see an empty quarters its yours to decorate and all that, also we have guest quarters off to one side,and by the guest quarters is the Doctors office." she said.
"we can't find our doctor i guess he disappeared,so you can help yourself if you get injured." Sasha also said.

Jupiter nodded "That's fine, I am use to doing my own first aid anyways."

A grey little ball of fur ran barreling past them, and then the violet eyed crazy woman went barreling past them as well. "You come back here bitch!" Talking to the grey kitten. Kaylia also tossed over her shoulder, "Stop calling Bekka a whore dammit!" then scooting around a corner.

Sasha looked at Kaylia"Kaylia look i tease her from time to time and i thought Jupiter should know our companion is a whore it means the same thing." Sasha said.
Sasha looked at Kaylia" Kaylia have you met Jupiter our new pilot?" Sasha asked? " Now be a good girl and play with your kitten" Sasha said.

Kaylia skirted back to poke her head out a little. "It doesn't matter if its teasing because Bekka really does not like it, and neither do I, so stop being mean. Considering you know if you don't stop it, I can end you. And yes I have met Jupiter, she's pretty." Then polted off again, "Dammit Smokie you come here! Don't make me chase you...........more!"

Sasha shook her head"I swear Jupiter that girl is gonna be the death of me yet." Sasha kept walking with Jupiter and showing her around the ship,and her quarters.

Rebekka only rolled her eyes and shook her head. "This trip is going to get interesting in a really hot minute."

Kaylia came back with the little kitten in hold. Whom was fighting her a little bit. Simply because she wanted down to run off and play or bit peoples ankles. "And why is that Bekka?"

"New pilot." Rebekka said looking at the two as they walked up the stairs in the hold. "I... I just got some work I may have to attend in the core systems."

Kaylia was still half lucid at the moment...sorta. Holding Smokie and petting her. "What is wrong with a new pilot and why yew have to go away? I like you here. I want to have fun again and you teach me stuff. Then maybe Juppie will like me."

"Nothings wrong with Jupiter." She said with a smile. "I like being here and with you." Rebekka stated. "I was going to see if Sasha would be willing to take the Nightwolf into the Core Systems, because I might need some help."

There was a growl, not just from Smokie, but Kaylia as well. Since Smokie was throwing fits being held. She was lashing out and trying to reach for Rebekka.

Kaylia snorted, "Fine bitch! Here. Go to her then." Releasing her grip, Smokie all but jumped into Rebekka's arms and then crawled up to curl around Rebekka's neck on her shoulders. "You damn traitor..."

"Um...." Rebekka was a bit surprised by the kittens attention. "Okay. I'm not really a cat person." She said to Kaylia. "Perhaps we could put the kitten in your quarters and you could come and help me with my shuttle?"

"She loves you obviously, and what about your shuttle? You're leaving us?" Kaylia tilted her head, while Smokie was kneeding on Rebekka's shoulder and neck.

"Oh no, I'm not leaving." Rebekka said placing a hand on Kaylia's shoulder, to reassure her that she was staying. "I have to go an get it, because I had a..... Um..." She seemed to look for the right words. "Lets just say, some issues."

While Sasha was showing Jupiter around, she could hear the others talking still as she shook her head and continued to show jupiter aound,and Sasha showed Jupiter her quarters.

Jupiter snickered at the duo "For whats its worth, I think your a pretty nice person Bekka. I dont really care much who you are otherwise, your nice, and thats all that matters to me." She said with a shrug and then patted Kaylia's head, "I like you reguardless Kaylia, your fun to be around." She gave the kitten a little scratch under the chin and followed the captain to her quarters "Fun crew, this trip should be interesting, thanks for showing me around cap. I would like to get settled if you dont mind me doing so."

Sasha smiled."why sure you can Jupiter." Sasha said as she showed jupiter her quarters."Be carefulyou slide the door in and you go down to a pair of stairs, but its not stairs its more like a ladder." Sasha Said."Jupiter i hope you enjoy your quarters." She also said.

Smokie hopped down from Rebekka's shoulders and ran to follow Jupiter. Sneaking in. Then got in her lap or if she did not sit down, jumped up on Sasha's bunk, then on the half table and then on Jupiter's shoulders and started nuzzling.

Kaylia smiled at Bekka and nodded, "Alright, you better not leave us." Watching smokie hope down, and she did notice Jupiter petting her head. "Crap! You come back her you bitch!" Chasing after Smokie whom snuck in before the hatch was closed. Causing Kaylia to run straight into it with a thud. Falling on her ass and just laying back. "They didn't take the sky from me....I see pretty stars."

Sasha smiled as she left Jupiter to get used to her quarters, she walked over to a gentleman she hasn't seen yet."Well
who are you?" Sasha said with a smile on her face.

"Tyler Driskill" he extended his right hand in a jesture of good faith.

"Well Tyler Driskill welcome aboard the Nightwolf im Colonel
Sasha Reynolds im Captain aboard this firefly class ship."
Sasha said to him with a smile."What brings you aboard my ship?" Sasha also asked.

"Looking for you, Captain" he smiled "and looking for work" he added.

Sasha smiled."You came to the right place, were always looking for help with different needs and what not." Sasha smiled as she shook his hand."What kind of work you looking for?"
Sasha also asked.

Rebekka looked at Sasha and the new comer, before helping Kaylia up. "I'll see you to the medical bay to see that small wound, Kaylia."

Sasha nodded to Rebekka with a smile as she turned back to the new comer and waited for his answer about what kind of work the new comer wants.

"Pretty much anything you got" Tyler smiled "but usually a bodyguard."

Sasha smiled at Tyler "well why not you got the job as body guard, i hope you know how weapons too?" Sasha asked him.

He winked "Yes ma'am" he said with a smile "Can shoot with the best of 'em."

Sasha looked at Tyler. "great, and welcome aboard the Nightwolf." Sasha smiled with a wink..

To be Continued


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