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Medical Supply run On Harvest part 3

Posted on Fri Aug 24th, 2018 @ 9:02pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur


"I think you crushed it," Kaylia smiled

Sasha stayed sitting while talking to the people who were concerned about her, while she looked at David." David these people were concerned about me thats all." Sasha said as 2 people helped her up to stand,and lean on the barrel.

"Well I am glad you are doing better." david said sincerely.

Sasha looked at David and smiled, "Well we all know who won that drinking game." Sasha said to David with a smile.
Sasha turned to the other people and thanked them for their help as well,while holding the Barrel.

"Ok Kaylia you won the drinking game, how do you do that stay straight,and narrow like that?" Sasha asked her."I over did it,
And you aren't drunk Kaylia." Sasha couldn't understand how Kaylia was drinking too and not get drunk..

"That's easy, because I cheat," Kaylia giggled.

Sasha slowly shook her head."Kaylia how can you cheat at a drinking game?" Sasha asked her as she slowly walked to her, and David."Well I guess its time for us to get out of here,and deliver the Medicine." Sasha said with a grin.

"Because I may be a hundred to nothing, but I also am smart as well as mentally altered. Half of those I had were just water or tea." Kaylia giggled again.

Sasha frowned."You mean you never were drinking?" Sasha said being upset."You Bitch." Sasha was upset so badly she wanted to Strangle Kaylia over not drinking.

She turned to David,"David did you know that Kaylia wasn't drinking?" Sasha said upsettingly.

"no, I did not know. Do I look like a telepath or something??" David said with surprise. Looking at Kaylia for a long minute. "Well, then I guess that Sasha won then." David said sadly. "I guess it would be wise then not to play any games with you."

Sasha grinned at David."I guess your right." She turned to Kaylia," Next time your not gonna cheat i want to see a shot of any alcohol go down your sytem." She told Kaylia.
"David you should try the drinking game with us sometime." She told David.

Jupiter paused at the bottom of the ramp, watching the others converse, she chuckled to herself as she continued walking up the ramp to where she saw David and Kaylia. "Hey James! Ah no wait....its Zacharia thats it." She said in a teasing voice as she approached the trio. "Nice to see you all again." She said putting her hand forward for a shake. She looked over at Sasha, and crinkled her nose playfully at the alcohol on the woman's breath. "So whats yer name love?"

"James...Zacharia?? come now??" David said flatly. "Do I look Amish?? Or a Preacherman?"

"I'm a telepath remember," Kaylia grinned. "I promise, next time I won't cheat. Besides no harm as we weren't betting credits." Giving a look over to Jupiter and her face lit up like crazy happy.

"At least your not drinking against me." Rebekka said after a few moments from beside the entrance ramp. She stepped up upon that ramp. She was dress in a fine dress (see picture #2) and carrying a Cello case. "Sorry Sasha for my sudden disappearance, but I had to take care of some business."

"Oh? Is that a challenge, sugar?" Kaylia looked to Rebekka.

"Take is as you will, honey." Rebekka said setting the case down, with a smile.

"Oh, you're on baby." Kaylia nodded.

"You know I'm trained to handle my alcohol, right?" Rebekka said with a smile. "So who is the cutey?" She asked Kaylia about Jupiter.

Kaylia gave a glance to Jupiter a moment, "Mine." Smirking. Even if that wasn't the truth, she could play it off that way at the moment. "And I'm trained to kill and am half crazy, remember."

"Well then you are perfect." Rebekka said walking up to Kaylia and tapping her nose.

Kaylia looked down at her nose being tapped, "Is that what you call being able to take your head off in a split second and not at all lucid at any given moment. Perfect."

"Nope, you're a normal woman." She said stepping back to get her instrument. "Well for most men any way."

"I am in no way normal, you know that, sugar. Though I'm glad you think that. Its a sweet sentiment." Kaylia kissed Rebekka's cheek.

Rebekka chuckled. "Perhaps later we can talk more about this."

"We'll see." Kaylia nodded.

David stood there a good minute listening. "Wow??" was the only word he said. As he shook his head. "I need to checkin on the engines before we decided to leave excuse me." as he moved towards the engine room alone.

Sasha smiled Brightly,"Rebekka your back!!" Sasha walked over to her and hugged her. "you been missed by all." Sasha smiled.
"You missed the drinking game we had too Rebekka, I lost,and Kaylia cheated." Sasha said as she shook her head about that incident. She looked at David, "Go ahead David we need to get going." Sasha told David.

Jupiter shrugged and walked over to Kaylia, she gave the girl a little pat on the head before looking back at Sasha "I am Jupiter, and I don't be long to anyone." She looked back at Kaylia as she chuckled. "I am a pilot. Word was out that you needed one, so here I am." She motioned to herself in a grand fashion.

Sasha smiled at Jupiter,"Well yes we need a pilot Miss Jupiter, if you can fly the Nightwolf your hired." Sasha said as she extended her right hand to Jupiter." It will be nice to have new crew." Sasha also said.

"I know, I heard, and welcome aboard Jupiter." Rebekka said with a bright smile. "I'm Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur." She extended her hand to the woman.

Sasha smiled Rebekka,"Well like i said its great your back Bekka. " Sasha said with a smile. The Nightwolf has not seen action since you were gone." She told Rebekka.

Jupiter shook the other woman's hand "Likewise, well, I better go get settled." She said, patting Sasha's back as she walked into the ship, slinging her bags over her shoulder.

Rebekka just watched the other woman walk off. "So what did I miss?" She asked Sasha.

Sasha smiled at Jupiter,"Welcome aboard Miss Jupiter." she yelled. Then she Turned to Bekka,"Well not a whole lot,we got medical supplies from here,and taking them back Whitefall."Sasha said. "You Missed the drinking game me and Kaylia had,
Kaylia cheated and never drank any Alcohol that Bitch." Sasha said talking to Bekka.
"I'm gonna talk to our new pilot Miss Jupiter i'll be back, excuse me for now." Sasha told Bekka with a smile.

Jupiter looked back over her shoulder at the pair. "I suppose you could come along and show me around, but I am familiar with the type of ship you got here."

Sasha smiled at Jupiter,"Well thats good i just wanted to see
how good your piloting skills." Sasha said." Also i wanted to show you around too." Sasha smiled.

Jupiter waited up for her and opened her arm towards the direction of the ship "If you feel you can walk after all that, lead the way boss."

Rebekka only smiled at the pair. She was so very glad that Sasha didn't ask her why she walked aboard and not docked directly in her shuttles docking birth. She only moved her instrument case out of the way, and ruffled her skirts slightly as she looked back off the ship. She was, also, so glad to have returned home.

Sasha smiled at Jupiter." Oh I always lead the way."Sasha chuckled.Sasha then Spotted Rebekka."Hey Rebekka, Welcome back and you been missed." Sasha smiled at Rebekka.
Sasha looked at Jupiter, "This is our companion Rebekka." she said introducing Jupiter to Rebekka,then Sasha whispered to jupiter."Jupiter shes our local whore." Sasha said quietly,as she gives Jupiter a tour.

Jupiter looked back at Sasha "We've met, but its good to see you again, local whore." She said with a head shake and nod towards Rebekka as she continued along the tour with Sasha.

Sasha shook her head,and chuckled at Jupiter."Jupiter Rebekka
don't like to be called a whore, I just say it once in a while." Sasha smiled to Jupiter while showing her around.
Sasha thought to herself, that was one thing i don't tell the newbe personal,about Rebekka being the local whore.
Sasha kept on with the tour.

(to be continued)


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