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There was a fight, then talks

Posted on Sat Nov 10th, 2018 @ 11:52pm by

Location: Jesse's Bar

About the time that Jupiter came into the bar, and put, if any guns in the turntable at the entrance. She'd already be able to hear the sounds of a fight. There was this lithy little thing knocking guys all over the place.

She just actually hit someone in the face with a pizza pan then side kicked another over a table. Kaylia was actually lucid right now, they simply decided to start shit and she wasn't going to take it. "Anyone else care to start anything by cheating or can I have my shots now."

Jupiter leaned against the door frame, giving the guy with a pizza pan mark across his ugly craw, a narrowed look. "Ye just cant control yerself can ya Jeff? And now my happy hour is filled gruntin' men whinin' about their willie's being turned inside out by a snack of a girl." She said with a strange accent as she pushed the moaning man aside with her foot.

She dodged the next man that came flying over another table and picked up a bottle that had fallen to the ground. Popping the cork with her teeth and spitting it on the ground, Jupiter took a big swig and walked next to the small woman. "When yer done taking out the trash, you can have some drinks on me" she said lifting the bottle in a small salute before walking over to the bar and popping herself up onto the counter. "Bout time someone cleaned this place up." She said, looking at the barkeep who was hiding down near the safe.

Kaylia tilted her head looking to Jupiter a moment. "I don't think they are getting up." Making a face, with a shift of her lips. "Who are you pretty lady? And they started it."

Jupiter gave the bar keep a look that showed how much of a coward she thought him as, as she reached around and grabbed another bottle. "They always start it." She said opening the bottle and pouring the girl a drink in a glass that hadn't been shattered in the mess. She handed her the glass and took another swig from her own bottle. "Ye got a name little firecracker?" Jupiter asked as she surveyed the damage done to the bar.

The glass was taken and tossed back, holding it out for more. "Shouldn't I be getting yours first since I asked first?" Kaylia inquired.

David entered the bar and placed his gun into the tray. As he tried to find Kaylia as she was standing on the far side of the to another woman. As he carefully moved his way through the bar. dodging the flying men the came across the room. As he closed on Kaylia and the new lady. "Hello Kaylia and this lovely lady?" David said with a straight face until his mind started to wonder and think. "OH??" as he fell silent.

Jupiter poured another drink for the girl " and I chose to ignore it on account of being called pretty. She said with a half amused tone. She was about to speak again when the man walked up to the pair. She gave the man a wink and turned back to the girl "However.... if it means so much to you, then you can call me Jupiter."

David blushed more. "Sorry to have bothered you two." as he moved off to a clean corner and took a seat as the fights still raged on the far side of the bar. As he waited for the waitress to come by and take his order.

"Hi, Jupiter. I'm Kaylia." Giving a glance to David. "Don't mind him, he always does that. Kinda emo depending on the situation."

Jupiter watched as the man walked up, only to excuse himself, her gaze followed him back to his seat and she gave him a strange, yet concerned look. "Ever ask him why he does it?" She said as she dodge a glass that whizzed past her face and shattered on the wall behind her. "Cameron I swear I'll skin yer bawbag off yer boys and make ye parade it around like yer new pretty bonnet." She glared at the man that had sent the glass her way. She looked back at the man. "So whats yer name?" She called at him.

"No, actually, I never have asked that." Kaylia took up the new drink and sipped on it. "Maybe we should go ask him." Giving a look in Davids direction.

David did not hear anything as the fighting escalated so he never heard anything from where he was sitting.

The fighting seemed to be done with, that's why she and Jupiter were having a conversation.

As fast as the fight was moving along it stopped quickly it was rather eerie being that quiet now as the waitress came over a large sweet tea with lemon and a burger and fries." He asked the waitress. Hoping there was some available.

Jupiter walked back over to the table were the man was sitting and sat down accross from him. "Make it three please, Mary." She said to the waitress, who nodded and walked away. "So are you gonna tell me your name handsome, or do I gotta sit here and guess it." She said in a sultury teasing voice. She motioned to the girl to come over as well. "Come get some food." She said as she pulled out a chair for the girl.

"We can make it a game?" as he looked to Kaylia. "No Cheating." as she put his finger to her mouth. And looked back to the woman that came to him and had a seat.

Jupiter sat her elbows on the table and propped her chin up on her hands "Hmmmmm lets see here. You look like a......" She pursed her lips as she thought for a moment. "Chad." She said with a burst of laughter "Okay okay, no really you dont look like a Chad I'm just messing with you. So lets try....James?"

"Nope!' as he crinkled his nose. "And nope try again." David said calmly.

"Awww...why not game?" Kaylia made a face, and of course she knew Davids name. Though it was amusing.

Jupiter smiled and tapped her fingers for a moment "hmmmmm let's try..... Tom." She said as the food arrived. She grabbed a fry and crunched on it for a moment while waiting for an answer

"I wish but no."David commented softly as he waited for her to answer as he too a bite of his food.

Jupiter looked over at the girl "Any hints?" She smiled mischievously.

"Not from me, I am enjoying this game." David said Calmly to Jupiter and the others even though they were not part of the game.

She nodded her head over to Kaylia "I had hoped she would be on my side. Shawn maybe?"

"Nope not shawn." David said casually. "I was a king? That is one hint."David said with a small smile.

Tyler walked into the bar after most of the action. "Hi" he said nervously.

Jupiter waved at the new guy "Hey there, come sit down, we'll get you some food." She said inbetween bites as she looked back over at the other man. "Okay lets see..Dan?"

"you're getting closer but nope it, not dan." David said with a small smile. "If my mother had a twin son he would have been named dan or Daniel."

"Ha! I know now. Your Dave, or David." She said as she took another bite into her burger. "Thats an alright name I suppose." She said with a smile.

"Yea you got me its David." giving her an odd look. "What would you have called me??" David asked with curiosity. As he waited for her to clear her mouth of the bite she was eating to answer. Might be better then what he had in mind.

Jupiter shrugged and wiped her mouth to speak "Probably Ian or something like that. I don't know, I am not very good at picking names."

"Ian?" Kaylia made a face.

"Ian...hummm I do like it " David said calmly. "I might have to consider that one. Any other thoughts?" David asked taking a drink of water.

"Not really." Jupiter said around another crunch of fries "I like David, it suits you." She gave Kaylia a playful scrunch of her nose. "Less any of you have any words on where I can find some work."

"Thank you Jupiter." David said with a smile. "work??" David said flattly.

"Yew sukkky..." Yeah the scritch that Jupiter gave her threw her off. Kaylia wasn't even a cat but she liked it and leaned into her. She wanted to glomp onto her but that might have been a bit much. " no Ian...if you want something else then.....Sherlock!"

"Sherlock??" David thought about it for a minute. "I doubt I can pull off the Sherlock." David said with a low tone in his voice. As this was getting rather old. "I need to go check out engineering." David said calmly as he stood up and headed out of the room.

Kaylia looked back and forth a moment, then to Jupiter when David left out, "Who is Sherlock?" Looking around them with a confused look on her face.

Jupiter shrugged and watched the man named David get up and leave "Huh, okay, I guess he had something to do." She said looking back at the girl. "So what brings you here besides fighting a bunch of drunks?"

"I'm the First Mate on a ship...when I'm lucid? We have stuff to do and make money and looking for crew when we can. I like the cute ones like yew." Kaylia grinned. "Girls always look prettier than the gruffy men." She paused a moment and touched her index finger to her own nose, "Unless there's those dreamy ones once in a blue moon."

Shaking her head to focus again. "And they were cheating so I had to fight back when they started it for being called out on it." Giving a long stretch of her arms over her head, "Who's Sherlock? Is he joining us too? Is he pretty? A kitten perhaps? Can I loves on it if its a kitten? A friend for my Smokie?" And there went half of the lucidity.

Jupiter gave the woman a raised eyebrow "Yes, they sure did deserve it." She smiled and shrugged her shoulders "Who the hell knows who this Sherlock is, but I hope he's one of those dreamy guys you talk about." She said with a drink. She looked back at the woman. "Say, Your looking for crew, I am looking for a ship, you should hire a pretty girl like me." She laughed.

"Yew said Sherlock. You don't know whom that is?" Kaylia tilted her head a little bit. "Oh crew, yus, and yew are pretty. Can I pet you?"

Jupiter looked over at her, she was about to correct the girl, stating that she was the one who talked about this Sherlock person, but she decided it would probably fall on deaf ears. "I'll let you pet if you take me to your ship captain." she said with a smile.

It actually wouldn't fall on deaf ears. She takes in everything. It was simply that sometimes whatever information clicked in at random times. "I believe I can do that."

"Excellent." Jupiter said leaning her head forward for a pet.

Kaylia purred and leaned in more, resting her head on Jupiters shoulder. "I likes you."

"Alright goofball lets get going." She said as she motioned for a bag for her food, which she promptly shoved in and rolled up. "Lets go get me a job." She said with a big smile as she headed for the door.

"But but her not done petting me." Kaylia said.

Jupiter looked back at the girl and smiled "Come on, you get me this job and i will be around all the time to give you pets."

Jupiter was going to have to get used to how Kaylia could be in and out. Lucid one minute and completely nuts the next. Moving over at an actual skipping and took Jupiters arm. "I'm the first mate. I says you already have the job."

Jupiter gave a toss back at the ruined bar and laughed the whole way out, following after the crazy little woman.

"What do you like to do? I don't particularly like riding on the mule cause I end up swallowing bugs." Kaylia crinched her nose.

Jupiter shrugged "Fly ships mostly. Occasionally do some target practice, read a old book now and again. Not much else." she said with a chuckle "Cup of coffee is nice too."

The mule being the sort of cart thing they use on planet for hauling things. "That's all? Yew sound kinda boring regardless of how pretty you are."

"One learns to enjoy boring stuff when they have to fly shipment across the galaxy." She looked down with a chuckle. "I also prefer to keep myself alive, so I dont actively seek out to fight my way through a bar, I save that for special nights."

"Oh really. But I just did and it was...." It dawned on her. " you're just playing hard to get."

"Teasing.." Jupiter chuckled "I was teasing you." She said with a smile. "So what kind of ship do you own?"

Kaylia tilted her head and gave it some thought. What she wanted to do was jump onto Jupiters lap, but she wasn't sitting down. "I don't own it, but its a Firefly class transport."

Jupiter nodded "Anything special about it or is it just a regular old firefly?"

"Just that, its an old special girl. We should make upgrades." Kaylia nodded.

Jupiter smiled down at the girl "Alright, you make the upgrades and I will fly it."

"I wan fly too. I know how, I just dun get allowed from the Cap'n cause I'm kinda insane."

Jupiter looked back at the girl "Really? Why do they think that? Sure you seem a little swingy, but nothing highly unusual."

"Its not exactly that they think that...well they do. Because I actually am. I can be lucid one moment and not the next. Also I think they are scared of me."

Jupiter frowned "I think I would be more concerned for you than about you. Is there a doctor you can go to for this?"

She shook her head, and then nod, "Not keen on going back to the ones who did this to me and others."

Jupiter nodded "Sounds fair."

"I kind of think so, though I would like to and give them a what for. Maybe take that pizza pan with me to use." Giving a look a moment, "Should we go?"

"Aye lets get out of here." Jupiter said as she followed after the woman.


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