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Medical Supply Run on Harvest Part 2

Posted on Fri Aug 10th, 2018 @ 9:30pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Tavern

"Silly bear, I always prepared for everything," Kaylia was still looking right at him when her hand shot out and caught the dart that was headed for his, well...head. The thrower didn't do it on purpose, their aim was just that bad. "See."

Sasha left the doctors office with the doc to help her get the medicine supplies back to the Nightwolf,with a crate so she can get them back to Westfall.

"Sasha should be at the ship in about five seconds as well because she just realized she didn't need to oversee the supplies being put on the ship and that she left me here to my own devices," Kaylia giggled again.

"thank you!" David said as she grabbed the dart in mid-air. "your right I better be prepaired for anything to happen." As he finished off his drink.

Sasha was near the ship."Thank you jules for helping me with the medical supplies,and hope we can do business again for you as well."Sasha said.
Jules smiled,"Thank you Sasha i would like that." jules smiled as she walked off the Nightwolf,and waved good bye to Sasha.
Sasha waved back.

"You're welcome," Kaylia also flicked the dart back and hit the bullseye without looking. "I lied, it'll be five minutes."

Sasha walked back to the bar,"Hey you two whats cookin."
Sasha asked.

"Happens when a precog is bored," motioning to Sasha. "See there she is."

"Nothing yet but soon." David said with a smile. Care for a drink captain? would you like another Kaylia?"

Sasha smiled" sure why not." Sasha said

Kaylia shook her head a little bit, okay furiously, "Nooo...I should not. I have compulations I have to remember to not blow something up."

"Order what you wish captain its on me. Shame kaylia spoil sport." David said ordering his drink too.

"What? I building something and its particularly complex and busty." Kaylia childishly stuck out her tongue.

"Of course new toys." David said with a evil grin. "Captain what do you want to drink??"

Sasha looked at David,then Kaylia,and back at David."I 'll let them know what i want so you can pay for it."Sasha ordered a shot of Whisky, and a brandy.

"That's all you want?? WOW!!" David said as he downed a long island iced tea.

Sasha looked at David."Hey its better than a long island ice tea." Sasha smiled.. "I like the hard stuff David."sasha said with a smile,then winked at Kaylia.

Kaylia tilted her head, "The hard stuff is four kinds in that he just drank down and drinking them at that rate he won't be able to walk in about twenty minutes."

Sasha smiled at Kaylia."OOh how do you know?' she said."Do you think you can handle your drinking, ?" She asked Kaylia.
"How about a drinking game Kaylia?" Sasha smiled at Kaylia.

"Sugar, I can drink anyone here under the table." Kaylia giggled, slapping her hand down hard enough it cracked the table slightly. "Hear that! I can drink anyone here under the table!"

Sasha grinned evilly."Oh Kaylia, show me what you got baby lets get it on with this drinking game." Sasha winked."Lets see how you can drink me under the table." Sasha smiled evilly.

"Name what the poison is. I can work on the suit later after I've slept it off."

"I don't care you pick the poison,and lets get it on." Sasha smiled.

Kaylia shook her head, giggling yet again. "You really shouldn't have let me pick." Giving a motion, "Bar bitch! Six Jager bombs!"

Sasha smiled,"you heard the lady Six Jager Bombs!!" Sasha smiled at the bar tender as she finished her brandy,and whiskey shot."Let the game begin Kaylia." Sasha said.

"Lets make it more interesting. I win, I get 40 percent of the pay, you win you get all of my part."

Sasha smiled,and agreed."Lets get this party started." she said to Kaylia.

"I am assuming the competition is between you Two??" David asked. " this will be funny seeing two women under the table i better video tape this game."

Sasha looked at David,and said."You want in on the drinking game, More the merrier." Sasha gave David an evil grin about it.
Sasha looked at Kaylia."So Kaylia should we invite David to our drinking game to see who holds their liquor the most?" she evilly smiled at Kaylia.

"I think I am ok I know my Limits! I dont need to be plastered to the bulkhead to have fun." David said calmly to them both. "But I will help get you back to the ship if needed."

Kaylia just dropped three shots down, "I dun care. You all are up."

Sasha with her 3 shots,and stuck one in a glass of beer to drink."David as your Colonel I here by order you to drink with us." Sasha smiled as she took the one shot,stick it in her one beer and gulped both of them,and started drinking the other shots."Come on David you got to chill out,sometime." Sasha said getting close to David,and smiled wrapping her arm around him."Its party time thats an order." Sasha smiled.

David was not sure what to say now." Personally sir I rather not. I am not one for being drunk." looking at kaylia to see what she was going to say.

"You're not his Colonel actually, Sasha. Not military, nor am I. However part of the crew of the ship you are our capt'n. Though don't for him to do something he doesn't want to do like that." Shaking her head and patting Davids hand Kaylia smiled. Then took down three more, without a chaser like Sasha did with the beer.

Sasha sighed."Fine David,I wanted you to have fun here too,before we head back to Westfall with the Medical supplies."
Sasha said."after the party we sleep then head back to Westfall.." Sasha looked at Kaylia."Ok lets show David how us ladies have a good time." Sasha gulped her shot down,and told the bar tender to send more and more beer to put the shot in..
She looked at Kaylia."Well what do you think Kaylia for David,
he drinks or refree the two of us?" Sasha said looking at Kaylia herself,and so was David.

"I just said don't make him do something like drink if he doesn't want to." Kaylia shook her head.

Sasha looked at both Kaylia, and David."Ok David would you like to play refree/choose winner instead?" Sasha asked David with a smile on her face.

" I guess i an handle that." David said softly. still not sure of what to make of the new captain and crew.

"Lets see...its my turn, how about this. David, you get the drinks, anything. Can be beer, can be different shots, mixed drinks. Your choice." Kaylia nodded.

Sasha looked at Kaylia,"OOOH I like that idea." Sasha Smiled brightly. "David keep the drinks coming, its your job." Sasha smiled at David. She then looked at Kaylia."ready to meet your match Kaylia?" Sasha grinned evilly at her.

"You tend to forget what I am," Kaylia pursed her lips and smiled.

"Very well keep the drinks coming any and all different varietys." David said casually to them both. "I can handle that I believe." He said smiling as he moved to the bartender and started to get the drinks ready.

Kaylia put her hands together and popped her knuckles, "You're up Cap'n."

David Grabbed all the drinks that the bartender placed on a tray. As he carried them like an expert as he moved from the bar back to the table. "well heres the start of the poision." David said with a smile.

"You first, Cap'n," Kaylia motioned to the drinks and Sasha.

Sasha grabbed a shot and stuck it in her beer."Here goes my drink." Sasha gulped down the shot and beer, till it was empty.
"Troy tell the bartender to keep them coming." she smiled.
Sasha looked at Kaylia,and Troy."Theres is always room for bathroom breaks too,and Troy grab some snacks too." Sasha said.

Ok looking confused a Sasha. "there is a full tray of beer and alcohol here and the bartender knows whats going on since we're the only ones in the bar at present." David said feeling he did not do what was asked of him. "Maybe I am better off not doing anything. I will let the bartender do this. I will go shopping before we leave." David stood up and was getting ready to leave.

Sasha looked at the drinks,then at David."No David don't leave, we need you to carry one of to the ship." Sasha said, as she saw the drinks on the table."Ok David we do have alot here,well go for whats here." Sasha said gulping the shots, and sticking shots in beer.

"I can easily get more drinks when were half way through the tray." David said calmly. "I will stay for now. your probally right i might have to carry someone home." He did not make a choice on who would win but he had ideas but kept them to himself.

Kaylia shook her head, "I think I win already since our illustrious Cap'n can't take her shots straight up, she has to have it in a chaser." One, two, three, six. All tossed back.

Sasha looked at Kaylia."Oh I drank regular shots earlier, i just got a bit thirsty,thats why i put them in my beer."Sasha said as she grabbed a regular shot,and downed it.

Sasha's Cheese burger came to her by the bartender."Thank you,I didin't want to drink on a empty stomach." Sasha smiled at the bartender, while downing a regular shot in front of Kaylia.
"Kaylia im also downing shots too besides putting them in beer." Sasha told her. "David watch im downing shots,and putting shots in beer as well." She told him. Sasha kept downing shots ,and putting them in her beer while taking bites of her cheese burger.

"Yes captain I see you doing your best here. Kaylia Do you wish some food as well?" David offered. As he watched both of them taking turns in taking there shots. "I would like a cheese burger with everything and fries. And a large Sweet Iced tea." David ordered for himself quickly waiting on the others to make sure there orders were filled. "Another full try of shots please." He told the bartender as the tray was now less then half empty.

Sasha smiled, "Oh Thank you D-d---avid. Sasha was feeling her drunkiness and started feeling dizzy,as if she was feeling dizzy.
She held onto the table after she took her last shot.

"Are you alright captain? " David asked noticing the change in the captain then looked towards Kaylia. " And you? Kaylia???" He asked her.

"I should like cheese sticks actually, thank you sugar." Giving a nod to David, then looking to Sasha. "And I win. She can't speak straight." Kaylia pursed her lips a little, "So where is my kiss David."

"what type of kiss do you have in mine?" David asked casually to kaylia.

Sasha was sitting on the chair feeling drunk,and dizzy."D-DDavid,
I n-need o-of h-help." Sasha said feeling drunk off her gore ready to passout on the floor.
Other people were watching the whole drinking match, while shaking their heads seeing Sasha ready to passout on the floor.
The people were giggling,and laughing too.

"Very well captain. I guess its time to go then" He quickly paid the bar tab as he went over and grabbed the captain up in his arms and carried her back to the ship. "I am assuming that you are fine Kaylia?" as he waited for her response.

Sasha was hanging on to David while feeling dizzy,and feel like she was getting ready to spew. She didn't want to toss her
cookies on David either."D-David t-take me outside,im ready to spew." Sasha said.
The other people continued laughing as they saw Sasha and David go outside.

david took Sasha outside and let her lean over a barrel so she can deal with her barf session and went back to check on Kaylia before retrieving the captain again and carry her home. "well??" looking at Kaylia. "Are you going to be ok?" as he grabbed her up and gave her a kiss.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Getting up and rolling her shoulders. She had been teasing about the kiss, but was actually okay with it. Even returned it some.

David returned to the captain after the kiss was done. He still did not feeel a thing for women. As he picked the captain back up and headed off towards the ship. "I guess you know who won." David said calmly to her as he walked along.

Even if he didn't feel anything from it, it was her first kiss from a man. The other was from their Companion, among...other things done. It was interesting. Though Kaylia still kind of preferred the other which was from Sara. She missed her, and in a manner didn't understand what she did wrong to make Sara leave.

Sasha was tossing her cookies badly and still spewing ,and after Sasha was done, she sat on the ground next to the barrel trying to breathe,after all the spewing she did from drinking too much and she needed to breath. She couldn't believe she even tossed up her burger too. A couple people came up to Sasha to make sure she was alright,she whiped her mouth from her long jacket,and smiled to the people in kind and thank them for their

Kaylia came out with David and tilted her head a little watching Sasha throwing up. Looking to David, "I tried to warn her."

Sasha looked back over,and shook her head slowly."I hear you Kaylia." Sasha said, as one guy came over to keep Sasha company,as he smiled at her,and she smiled back.

"Shall I leave you here to chat with your man friend?" David said feeling odd carrying her and she is talking to the sweet man. As he prepped to let her sit on the ramp of the nightwolf as he was planning on taking inventory of engineering. "I know but sometimes impulsiveness can take over someone's minds. and make us do silly things." looking at kaylia ."care to give me a tour of the ship?"

"We can do that while she reacclimates." Kaylia nodded, "While I'm still lucid."

"Am I in danger if you were not lucid?" David said meaning it as a joke. As a small smile started to spread across his face. Hoping she realizes that it was a joke.

"That was not funny, sugar." She did get it as a joke, it still wasn't completely funny.

"Sorry." as his smile faded to nothing. "Shall we get this tour out of they was. So that I can deal with other matters." David said quickly and fell quiet.

"Its fine, David, sorry, it is a sour spot a little bit." She kissed his cheek, "I won't intentionally hurt you, I loves yew."

David sighed hard it figures women fall for me and I cant or I am not intersted in them." David said softly as he blushed. "I will check over engineering."

"You know there is a difference right? In love with, and just loving." Kaylia snorted.

"yes i do. it just sounded like a dramatic moment." david said with a wink.

"I think you crushed it," Kaylia smiled

Sasha stayed sitting while talking to the people who were concerned about her, while she looked at David." David these people were concerned about me thats all." Sasha said as 2 people helped her up to stand,and lean on the barrel.

"Well I am glad you are doing better." david said sincerely.

Sasha looked at David and smiled, "Well we all know who won that drinking game." Sasha said to David with a smile.
Sasha turned to the other people and thanked them for their help as well,while holding the Barrel.

To Be Continued


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