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Traveling to Whitefall

Posted on Tue Apr 25th, 2017 @ 11:26pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Sasha continued to sit at the co-pilots seat the whole time Maxwell was flying us to Whitefall,the whole ride was smooth sailing and Sasha enjoyed the whole ride. At least Sasha can calm down after that fiasco with that little witch, Kaylia Strenvale whos been giving her hell about living in the air ducts,and having a live cat live with her in the air ducts. Sasha put her foot down to her on that plan,
there was no way in hell is Kaylia gonna have a live animal live with her in the air ducts. Sasha is an animal lover ,and would not see a live animal in the air ducts.
If Kaylia would of just lived in the smaller compartments as quarters, she would of allowed Kaylia to have a kitty there.
This whole mess would of been settled,but no Kaylia had to be a witch about it.
For now Sasha was admiring the space and stars while helping Maxwell with the piloting,and enjoying the Ride to Whitefall and whats yet to come.

Colonel Sasha Reynolds


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