Trip for the Ledger

Posted on Sat Apr 18th, 2020 @ 5:41pm by Corporal Marion Singer
Edited on Sat Apr 18th, 2020 @ 5:51pm

Entry begins as he writes in the Log Book.

Well, I have come to Deadwood; nice little dust bowl of a place on a landscape. Why the guys run is an easy choice; no papers; find a fast way off on some unsuspecting freighter or even a small ship with few to ask questions. Flash cash as though he has more and easy way off. It is the most typical plan and among the more stupid for a man on the run. Well if I were a Lawman and going by strict rules this is a way to get under lawful radar, but for someone at my level it is a pre-drawn plan for failure.

I had taken a bill from the Local authorities to make some quick cash; highest money load from the locals. Rustler who killed the Cowpokes and did not get away. Little woman cries his innocence and slips him a thin shiv in weave of food basket. Another murder and he is on the run again. He ditches girl and the Law puts her in slammer. I do wonder if the Law Men out here every took an hour course in deductive reasoning?

Let us say all I did is come to Deadwood and now I just casually walk like I am going to hitch a ride and see when this killer sneaks in; he will have laid low a coupe of days to let heat pass and this should be a good time to start looking. I figure next day or two and he should pop up; unless he just caught a ship on the fly and is gone, but a person new will be scrutinized; I checked with Local deputies and showed my credentials saying I am just looking for a ride in my direction; thoughtfully not mentioning 'what' direction, and would be gone in a couple of days.

Now out and about my looking for another killing Scumbag. Should have funding and a place to go by next entry.

End Entry and closes the book.