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None In The Family

Posted on Fri Feb 28th, 2020 @ 10:21pm by 1st Lieutenant Gabriel Stewart MD

(OOC: This occurred prior to Lt Stewart

They thought they were safe. This was a place to relax and unwind. There had been no hint of any trouble from the Reavers or the Defectors, colloquially known as Browncoats. Those malefactors were planets away. There was no interest in the small planet, except for the solitude that it provided.

That all changed one day when several ships landed on what was fondly known as Meditor, the meditation planet. First, there was one Alliance ship, then another, then another. The crew from each ship scouted about in search of inhabitants that would provide temporary housing for the soldiers.

When the news of the Alliance ships reached Gabriel’s ears, he at first thought there were other vacationers arriving to experience the solitude of Meditor. However, bad news travels like a raging fire, and the little village was besieged by a group of soldiers demanding a place to rest for a night.

One night turned into two nights, then a week, then the demands became more and more severe and threatening.

Then the Reavers came. From where, no one knew. How, no one knew. Why, well, that was known. They were here for anybody they could convert. And that resulted in the first battle: Reavers and the Alliance. And, because the Reavers were winning by sheer numbers, the Alliance retreated and left the planet defenseless.

However, as the Alliance ships were leaving, the Defectors arrived. These people were intent on saving as many lives as they could, while eliminating the Reavers in the process. And they were quick to do so. Too quick in one case.

The Reavers, normally vicious and unrelenting, took a notion to curtail their voracious activities to such an extent that the Defectors failed to notice the group, and instead initiated an attack on what was assumed to be a nest for the Reavers. In the confusion, Gabriel and his family were targeted, but managed to escape just before their house was attacked. They ran for cover, only to be discovered by the quiet group of Reavers, which became excited to see the fresh game.

The Reavers attacked the Stewart family, splitting them up in the process. Gabriel was able to escape with the youngest of the group, but not before they were both wounded. Not knowing of the fate of the other family members, the two of them were able to evade the Reavers until the group of Defectors had rid the area of the vile creatures.

After everything had settled down, Gabriel turned his attention to caring for his son, hoping to heal him of his wounds. The wounds proved to be too severe, so Gabriel lost his entire family during that ordeal. This was the reason that the good doctor could not stand to see children suffer.


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