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Conflict of Oaths, Pt II

Posted on Thu Feb 20th, 2020 @ 11:56pm by 1st Lieutenant Gabriel Stewart MD

The bloodied figure lowered it's gaze toward the med kit, then suddenly lurched forward in Gabriel's direction, almost stumbling along the way.

It's amazing how many thoughts can go through one's mind when confronted with a sudden movement that could be hostile.

Was this an aggressive attack? If so, what would be the best response? Try to side-step the attacker? Move to defend yourself? If defensive measures were to be taken, in what form should they be? Physical contact? Weapons? If not defensive maneuvers, then what?

As these thoughts were running through his mind, Gabriel instinctively moved his right hand toward the edge of the side of the med kit that faced him, pressed slightly until the magnetic cover release mechanism activated, then pressed one of the several buttons that were within easy reach of his nimble fingers. This resulted in a slight puff of substance from the front end of the med kit, sending a minuscule projectile toward his attacker. The tiny projectile entered his assailant, and, firstly, initiated an electric shock strong enough to cause the attacker to convulse and tremble in its tracks.

Still, the figure continued to stumble toward the good doctor, seemingly unphased by the projectile’s electric shock, nor the secondary purpose of the projectile.

Gabriel pressed another button, adjacent to the first, sending a slightly larger projectile in the direction of his attacker. This time, however, the projectile missed the stumbling body and struck an object that responded with a dull plink sound. Since this second miniscule missile meeted a larger charge, the object that was struck, as well as several similar objects, tended to emit an eerie filament of small electrical charges.

It was that slight glow that illuminated the area behind the now falling figure, revealing another figure, this one mutilated almost beyond recognition. It was a Reaver, apparently attacking the first figure, then shoving it toward Gabriel when he had walked by.

“So, I’ve defended myself against someone who was being attacked by a Reaver, and ended up disabling a Reaver in the process.” Gabriel thought to himself. “And, to prevent more lives being taken, I have to take one.”

Taking aim at the Reaver with his modified med-kit, Gabriel pressed another button which emitted a larger projectile that would first totally disable the Reaver, the cause rapid brain failure, all in a painless manner. “At least he will die without pain.”

Gabriel then turned his attention to the fight that was going on nearby.


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