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An Easy Day

Posted on Sun Apr 29th, 2018 @ 3:10pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Sasha was laying in her bed relaxing as she decided to get up
and get dressed. Sasha stretched her arms ,and headed for the shower to get ready for another day of being Colonel,and command of the Nightwolf. Sasha got out of the shower and
cleaned herself off putting her woman necessitys on before getting

After Sasha got dressed, she used the toilet in her quarters before walking up the ladder. Sasha then walked up the ladder, onto the corridor to walk to the main part of the ship ,but on the way there she went to the mess hall to stop to get something to eat before
Starting the day as command of the Nightwolf, she was quite
hungry, there was a basket full of apples so she grabbed one,
and ate it as she got her meal,before starting the rest of the day.


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