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Having a drink before the poker game

Posted on Thu Aug 3rd, 2017 @ 10:12pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Sasha was a bit restless she just wanted to get this poker game done and over with. Sasha got a bit wrecked knowing when they reach Ariel, she will face her long time Nemis Bashie.
Sasha hadn't seen Bashie in years, since the last time she was giving a job to do. Sasha never trusted Bashie, cause Bashie has double crossed her in the passed.

Sasha grabbed a bottle of Scotch ,and poured herself a glass. Sasha enjoyed being relaxed with a glass of scotch. so she don't pace back and forth in her quarters. She didn't want to get too drunk. She just wanted to relax,and be ready for the poker game with the ships crew.

Colonel Sasha Reynolds


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