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Corporal Marion Singer

Name Marion Allen Singer

Position Weapon Specialist

Rank Corporal

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 204 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Singer is a rough and tumble type guy that does not have enough scars to really be intimidating. With the dark Brown hair and eyes he is a man that could be a pretty boy but has the muscle and the expression. He is a fan a duster to cover up things and he tends to be Softer spoken rather than chatty. Figuring his personality being cold might help compensate for good looks.

Plus a well tailored bit of clothing can hide more than loose clothing being obvious. He dresses well and is a Tailor as he likes not having things jingle and shift about him. He likes to be a higher class of Bounty Hunter, left over from his Lawman days in a Big City job.


Spouse Not Applicable
Father Winston
Mother Mary-Beth

Personality & Traits

General Overview Singer had a Hard working Bar Owner as a father until a syndicate burned him out when Marion only 9 years old. His Mother raised him as she was a seamstress and he learn the use of better clothing as an image. He can be intimidating in fine tailored clothing that gives a slick appearance of a wold in fine clothing. Growing up with the name Marion he learned to Box from a man his mother did his costuming of trunks and coats. Singer was never high class but he lived upper middle as his mother was well sought after in her trade. Thus with deliveries and such Singer learned to be more upper crust; he learned to Fake it with the best of them. The streets taught him to be merciless and his Mother fine manners. This makes his deep rooted good/ evil beliefs a bit skewed. He can seem impulsive unless you know the calculated nature that he expresses when done thinking in that instant.

Singer has an eclectic background and while he understands the streets he can ‘clean up nice’ and is often well fitted. He likes to play a better class than he was raised; it is a shield for him to hide his more humble roots. His father’s death and loss of business sparked a lawman; but the laws and social polictics of the Big city rolled it out of him. He took up Bounty Hunting to gtethe Low Lifes that the Law could not ‘lower themselves to get.

On the streets he knew loyalty rather than mercenary; he has a keen ‘Gut reaction’ that helps him through life. He is Loyal to the death but if you cheat him… well let no one go there as it is not a good place to go.
Strengths & Weaknesses On the positive side Singer respects life and will not waste it or ammunition needlessly. He is loyal to his friends and ship. He is Deadly with weapons of many sorts and is willing track down the ‘Bad’ like a bloodhound.

The debateable part of him that causes his luck to flip on a dime is his Sense of Good and Evil.

- Not so much in his favor is he seems Impulsive in a lot of his actions and is very high brow in his manners. Some say he can be a snob which usually is worst as he is Merciless seeming by nature.
Ambitions Survive to retire alive and well enough to enjoy retirement.
Hobbies & Interests He was raised on the streets a lot as a kid and learned from other business men on his block; he enjoys tinkering with things as he learned some blacksmith which of course lead to him studying Gun making. He has a keen every for detail and the worth of all weapons. He also learned to be a Boxer as a way to stay safer in a fight. With his love of knives he had the patience to learn how to use various blade and a Chinese restaurant owner secretly taught him some foreign weapons. He also expands him mind as a reader; philosophy he embraces and he can play a mean bamboo flute. Where he learn his trade was from a retired one armed Sharpshooter and Trick shot artist. Making his love of guns and it is said if he looks at something five seconds he cannot miss no matter how fast he draws. He also has a love of tailoring he learned from his skilled mother and even needlepoint to ‘secretly’ make some extra cash as artisan under the Mary’s Needle.

Personal History Marion Allen Singer is the only child of his parents; his father owned a flourishing Bar while his mother a well known seamstress. The two made for a well-Off household until his 9th birthday when some thug Organization wanted ‘Protection Racket’ and Marion’s Father would not pay. One night it was all lost in a fire that killed his beloved father as well. Young Marion wanted revenge but his mother wisely took him away to another part of town closer to the boarder between the Merchant and higher class regions. His mother took a flat above a Machine Shop in the district. Working log hours six days a week to take the Sabbath off was her work creed. This gave Marion time to get into trouble at first lashing out in a new place and the first name ‘Marion’ did get him a few squabbles. He did learn from a client of his Mother’s; a professional Boxer whom got his wardrobe altered and a few flashy items from her. Learning fast and with purpose it was quickly known not to fight Marion Singer.

The Merchants and workers knew Marion as he grew; sometime he started hanging out with a Black Smith after seeing a beautiful knife. He wanted to make one so he helped out just getting things and then soon was an apprentice. Taking to it Marion learned what is a good metal and what is bad in both material and craftsmanship. He was very gifted and soon escalated to Gunsmith as an apprentice. But long hours of sewing by his mother he had to eat and so to get food befriended a Chinese man who owned a restaurant. Working the dirty jobs in exchange for food he became friends with Chang; who bestow some fine arts of hand weapons to him and some manners of a well educated man. Even how eating Chopsticks can be weapons if thrown right.

Another thing that Marion learn to love reading philosophy from other cultures to improve his manners. His mother’s clients were some wealthy people and Marion was expected to dine with his mother and clients ; thus the need to learn proper manners. Chang’s lessons and those of his mother helped him acclimate to a higher class of people. One such client was Armstrong, Luther Armstrong was a contradiction; a now one-armed man who was a Sharpshooter and Trick shot artist. With one arm he really only taught pistol and smaller hand weapons. But Marion took to it and listen to being taught so well the training expanded to Rifles and long-shots with various rifles from 4mm to what could be .50 Caliber rifle Cannons meant to pierce armor. Sniper trick shots with the calculations of wind and bullet drop coming naturally to him. And the most important lesson; the Five second rule, if one can watch a target for five seconds; even tracking it, one cannot miss. By the time of adulthood Marion knew weapons better than himself in many ways.

Once he became of age he joined the Law enforcement Training; being a Deputy to help protect those like himself in his younger years was a passion, putting down the evil in the world a noble job. He started on a world saw a deputy and worked hard; his gun play did make those meaning ill will back down one way or another, using feet or on their backs. He did not draw for no reason and his gun was the last resort; thus to stay alive he was faster than most. He also knew to read the person on the other side and had a gut reaction that saved him more than once. The problem with being a good deputy is that if a Sheriff is set to stay there is only so far to go. After a few years Marion achieved the top as deputy and wanted more. The Sheriff hated to lose him but after bringing in the Riff -Raff of the planet it came time to leave for his own goals.

He rode a slow boat to a system nearer the outer planets; he kept his rating and rather than being a top cop in the Inner Systems he ventured out where a man could make a better name; the Boarder is where he hung his hat. He found a likable Place as a Sheriff on a big City and Space Port. Being the ‘Constable’ with the power of a city to protect. He had gotten in well with his a career choices. But near the boarder and the people coming and going, there were always someone that decided they had to see how fast an Enforcement Officer is? The first half Dozen were kind of a rush; the anticipation. He would always ask ‘You sure you want make this play?’ The seconds to reply filled out more than his Five Second rule; it was just the speed that is the unknown. Afterward Singer did not like himself for not talking the person out of it. He managed by both reputation and witnessed fights to maintain the peace for the better part. He was learning to make sure of who calls him out; sometimes he had to call out a bandit or two trying to sneak past to the inner systems; usually swore gut reaction tuned Singer to that person. When a woman was the target; she tried to be sweet and he watched her; he did not want to do anything bad to her but when she drew he had 8 seconds watching her hand that she drew. She scream in sheer rage; cursed him for ruining her and went for the left gun; the shoulder shot spun her, she turn with that red eyed monster look about her.

Dead before she hit the ground.

The city became a bit small and he was offered a type of Marshal job provided he go into frontier. He agreed as he wanted to see more and with a small ship and support crew he went out to help put some degree of law out there. Vast areas and only him as the Lawman above lawmen; one step below Judge. Some say a Marshal is the mobile judge. But more times than not Once Singer set after a culprit he brought them back alive in many cases. The further he ventured the harder it got to bring them back unscathed. The Law had a reach and Singer was on the fingertips of that reach. He would bring the more organized crooks back only to have some technicality due to the Politics of a system; the system, that did nt want justice for all. Where they law could be lax the crooks took advantage; Singer pushed and the weight of organized criminals shoved money into pockets to protect their operations. It was getting to be more of his guns doing the talking; he was seen as a refined Lawman of Morals, but other ; less scrupulous natures, could be bought and even Singer began to see the way the frontier worked. Law was bound by the rules of Law and thw\e whims of judges that could be bought. One of his own, the engineer for the ship; was paid to help set Singer up in a bar. Only the fact Singer was not a refined but street level who reached higher tipped his gut off. The ensuing gunfight left six dead; his engineer half dead and Singer wounded, a ricochet off his badge showed Singer the end of the reach of the Law.

The badge gone and a lot of back pay and bonus for what he did gave him a meager start; he began working at what he is good at, bringing in the bad guys that have money offered for them to be brought in. It was not as lucrative at first as The self tailored suits look good and he was a higher class bounty Hunter and he even lowered himself to a Hired Gun once in a while. When he hired out it was because someone needed a gun; not wanted a gun to take over. His gut feeling kept him alive and his reputation clean; ruthless to the end but clean as far as contracts go. He fought for those who needed him. The money was slightly less; moderately actually, but his soul was clear. He spent down time in hobbies and even some Side money from Mary’s Needle. His mother taught him a way to make money. He even lay low as a tailor for a few months and accumulated some decent cash. He was getting sought after and that is when he skipped out of the planet and back to the gun. Bounty hunting was too expensive to be profitable alone; he teamed up with a couple of fellow Bounty Hunters catching skippers from Bondsmen. The work was hard; dangerous and only the fact the Five Second Rule was good if someone else talk and Singer could concentrate to ‘wing them’ and cash in. The problem is Singer is a fast and accurate gun; his partners thought they were the secret; they were the distraction actually, and started mouthing off that ‘their’ team was the best and worth more than the rest. The money is what allowed Singer to hunt the Ruffians and scum of the space lanes, he was not in it strictly for the money while his partners were. Singer quit and the two lasted one attempted bounty. Using the same ploy without Singer ; one died and the other was himself winged. Singer decided that Bounty Hunting by itself was not working he needed to be mobile and not as much a ‘target for calling out or hated Bounty Hunter. He needed a change.

He answered an ad for a weapons expert.