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Crew time to get into the Nightwolf

Posted on Sun Mar 19th, 2017 @ 11:13pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Hey Everyone,
its time to log, again and we need everyone ready to get into the nightwolf ,and log how you think this adventure is gonna be, plus before that we need you all to log about your Opinion,
og The Champaign toast to the Nightwolf,and crates of Champaign to the crew, so lets start partying inside the Firefly Class
ship,"THE NIGHTWOLF",and saying good bye to everyone on
Persephone ,and launch this baby into space...

We still need people to join us, if you have friends,who like to
Sim/RPG tell them about my Sim/Rpg, were looking for a Doctor,
A 2nd in Command(a Zoe type character) a Weapons Specialist.(A Jayne Cobb type character), i may allow 1,or 2 extra people to ride along..So lets get to logging,and partying ,cause today is the day, "Nightwolf" takes flight after the Champaign bottle to break
on the "Nightwolf,and we will make our first cruise into space...


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Category: Sim Announcement