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T-1-2 days and Nightwolf soars

Posted on Sun Mar 12th, 2017 @ 2:34am by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Hey Everyone of my fine crew ,Just what the title says T-1-2
Days and Our Ship Nightwolf soars for space,after the Champaign
toast, and we see how this firefly class ship soars,I need logs from Everyone,These kind of logs will be like Character Development,
I want to know how you,as your character feels finally being lifted
from the ground finally,and launching into Space,while looking out
at the great beyond,sorta. Well we had 2 shuttles, but 1 is rented
out our Companion, if she needs to do the companion thing else where,or being checked out,for an annual companion check up...

So we have 1 shuttle..So get cracking on the logs, i will write one
too...Also I have already talked to this person,and they were nice to check in..If I haven't heard from you log wise in a while,please
check in,and e-mail either,or Yes im checking out different e-mail engines, some friendly competition ,ha,ha,ha..
Also, if you need to take an LOA,or ELOA,please contact me,by the e-mails I mentioned or in Discord,my discord name is Merlar#3083,but you all know meas Merlar...So we can go through the plot around your character...

Also I need a Favor from you all, In The Nightwolf website ,where you do your usual logs ,im gonna set it up ,i just tell me how you like being on the Nightwolf, your character,and characters postion on the Nightwolf,and a few other things,my way of checking up on my crew..

Oh by the way, The Nightwolf has a Twitter section the address is:
I tried to make a facebook account for Nightwolf ,but the way i did it, i screwed up,and Facebook shut it down.So we still have,
a group page on Facebook: I made, The Nightwolf group is
take a look around...

Thank you all
Col Sasha Reynolds,Capt of the Nightwolf


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