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Checking in with Engineering

Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 7:02pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Location: Nightwolf

Sasha was busy making sure all was secure before lift off from Whitefall, So Sasha walked down to engineering, looking for Sergeant Boldiniski, Nightwolf's Engineer. Sasha walked down the corridor of the Nightwolf,where engineering is and walked in and she did not see Sergeant Boldiniski. Sasha frowned a little, "Boy im here to see my engineer, and no one is around,what the hell." Sasha grumbled.

Crawling out of a recycling chute, brushing junk off of my body. Wiping face off on towel notices the Col. And shouts "hello boss what is up?"

Sasha looked at the Engineer, "where were you, I just see things running,and not seeing you watching." Sasha said angerly. "I need to see things through to make it to Ariel." Sasha yelled. " As for calling me boss, you don't need to."as Sasha tried to calm down.
"You can call me Sasha." she also said. "Try and keep the engines rolling so we can make it to Ariel, plus we need to find work,and get paid as well, for fuel." Sasha also said.

"I was cleaning a chute, i made available to use for stuffs that I can recycle items that would be turned into useless junk." If the engines were to start acting up my alarm band would have turned from green to yellow and finally to red". I wouldn't want to be trying to make major repairs while in space." Sash, is the nicest compliment to you. Please do not take offence."We will make it to Ariel without any unforeseen issues.

Sasha looked at the Engineer. " Well thats great, I'm glad we are able to get to Ariel in one piece." Sasha said.

"Not a problem Sasha all is good in here. Anything new come up, all you need to do is give me a heads up."

Sasha nodded to him. "Very good, Golistan, keep up the good work. " Sasha said to him, as she was beginning to walk away.

"So long Sasha see you at a later time, and place" Golistan said,and went back to work.


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