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Meeting New Crew,while on Whitefall

Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 8:57pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Kaylia Strenvale & Civilian John Smith & Sergeant Major Jason McKenna Jr.

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Location: Whitefall

Sasha was in the Bar, hanging with Kaylia since after her insident with the guy grabbing her breasts. Sasha thought she watch Kaylie like a hawk. Sasha ordered a strong drink,as she sat near Kaylia, and see if she would like to play Chinese Checkers with her.

Sasha had already met the doctor so far, and now its time to meet the Weapons specialist,as well. Sasha was quite upset over the fact she never see her pilot disappear,and to think where did he go,or what.Hoping one day she will see him again.
So Sasha is in the Bar, maybe to get lucky to find a new pilot for Nightwolf.

As Sarah was hiding in her corner of the bar listening to the men drink and talk, one of them men pointed to the lady that just entered. "See that there is dat Reynolds chick!. Shes the crazy one!" the voice said as Sarah looked over to see the woman in question sit down, just as a man grabbed her from behind saying 'Gotcha', Sarah in turn freaked out, screamed and squealed as she ran towards the door only to find the door blocked by an alliance member, and in her startled state, she backed frantically over, knocking into what appeared to be a board game with a large crash.

Not at the moment, Kaylia wanted to just drink for now. That's all, well and some food would be good as well.

Sasha stood up with her gun wondering what the hell is going on, she walked over trying to advoid the alliance coming over.Then 2 alliance officers walked in to see whats going on.
Sasha looked. "Oh shit, thats all i need alliance officers." Sasha took the law into her hands and walked over to the guy who grabbed the woman,and punched him in the face. "Thats what you get for grabbing females, who don't want to be touched."
Sasha pushed the guy away,as he went with getting pushed and headed out to clean the blood from his nose. Alliance came over to see what happened, as Sasha looked over at them."shit,this is not good."she shook her head.

"ARREST HER!" cried an alliance officer as he pointed at Reynolds. Then she was rushed by several officers as others went after the young woman who was trying to frantically get away from her pursuers.

Sasha heard the Alliance officers saying something bout Arresting her, Sasha looked at the officers, and ran out of the Tavern,punching one of them in the face while running toward her ship Yelling. " Like Hell Im Arrested , its like catch me if you can." Sasha yelled, as she kept running,and stopped and punched another alliance officer in the face.

Not waiting to have the alliance officer arrest her, Sarah ran after Reynolds, as Sarah figured she was safer off planet than on it. "I'm coming too, I heard you needed a pilot, I can flyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!!" Sarah panted out as she kept up.

Kaylia just leaned back in the chair and put her legs on the table, sipping her beer. "This should be interesting." Talking to herself.

Sasha saw one more alliance officer, and punched him in the face, and punched him in the guts too. Sasha stopped after she ran away from the alliance officer. "Why you following me,you got a problem are you also with the Alliance?" Sasha said. "If you are with the alliance, ma'am I'm about to punch you in the face,and gut."she also said upsettingly. "So what do you want lady,cause I'm not in the mood for petty crap from anyone." Sasha said angrly.

Kaylia just hummed to herself watching. Finishing her drink and tapping the bar counter for another one to be brought. Thankfully, she'd been able to get the blood out of the white dress she was wearing. As well as, no one had tried to grab her breasts, which were very much plumped up in the way of cleavage because of said dress. Quickly downing the second, tapping for another and giving a sigh. Standing up and walking over to them. "Care to deal with me for screwing with my Cap'n?"

Sasha looked over at Kaylia, "Thanks for the help, I'm gonna need it badly." Sasha said, as she tried not to get grabbed by Alliance officers, She saw one of them and punched him in the face,and in the stomach.

Kaylia shot her hand out, without even looking to stop the first punch from Sasha. "Do that, and you will get arrested. Regardless of if I can kill every single one of them in the room. Leave it alone, and go back to the game. I will deal with them."

Sasha looked at Kaylia, "I don't mind the help, but I'm gonna go back to the ship." Sasha said. Turning on heel to head out of the bar and back to the ship.

Doctor John Smith heard the commotion from outside and hurried into the bar, medical kit in hand. With a fight of this caliber, someone must surely need his help. But, he was distracted almost immediately by a man with a weapon sneaking up behind a tall, pretty brunette.

"Hey!" he shouted, but nobody could have heard him above the din. Quickly, he hurried up behind the man and snatched the gun out of his hands. "Here, we'll have none of that! Oh, now, just wait a moment!" he added as the man lunged towards him. He ducked out of the way. "Now, see here! I'm sure we can- oi!" He had to duck away again as the man dove at him again.

Kaylia was usually pretty aware with her surroundings and what was going on when she was lucid. However, she was in a full blown, about to be yelling match with the two Alliance officers. Blinking she turned around and blinked again. The two officers moving to grab the man with the gun. John and shifted just a foot. Intercepting the two officers.

Kaylia shoved both of them back, wretching the mans arm to the side and kicked him in the back of the knee dropping him. "You try to kill me? Really?" Pulling back and braking his nose. "You're lucky I didn't shove that cartilage into your brain."

The Doctor blinked and grinned, obviously quite proud of himself. "Stopped him killing you," he said proudly. "Oh, um, yes," he added as the officers took the gun from him. "Evidence, of course."

Kaylia had no clue either, holding up a finger though. Turning to kick the man right in the balls. Back to John, "Thank you," then glomp hugged him.

The Doctor blinked, awkwardly patting her back. "You're welcome, I suppose" he said. "You probably could use a body guard, you know, if this happens regularly."

"I do?" Kaylia gave a glance around. "Are you sure," tilting her head and poking his nose. "I cleaned up half of the last bar we were at cause some guy didn't understand what no means." Giving a ponder, "However, you did save me this time and your accent is so cute." Taking his arm, "I think I shall keep you."

"We should drinks, and then I can introduce you to the Cap'n." Kaylia smiled and trug him to the bar. Still attached to his arm.

John nodded. "Keep me," he said with a grin. "Well, hot dog, okay! I might be a bit rusty, but I'm sure there's a pamphlet I could read or something." He was joking, obviously, but he couldn't exactly object as she had a bit of a death grip on his arm.

"Mmhmm, keep you. You will make an excellent pet companion for Miss Kitty and myself." Kaylia giggled.

Sasha came back and sat down to have a strong drink,at the Tavern.

Jason walked in quietly as he moved to a corner booth and took a seat again. Hoping this time the waitress will come and take his order this round as he surveyed the room then went back to his solitude.

Not that she might want to argue with him either, though he, she would not mind accusting her breasts. Kaylia just ordered a whole bottle of whiskey. Might as well, whatever was left could be taken back to the ship. Pouring them both a glass full.

A waitress did come over to Jason, and set a drink down, "From the lady in white over at the bar." The lady being Kaylia.

"Thank you," John said, raising his own glass and examining the liquid. "Whiskey. I've never had whiskey before. It's new. By the way, I'm Doctor John Smith. Or just Doctor. Or Doc. Or Sam, really, I don't care what you call me as long as it's not late for dinner!" He held up his glass to her slightly.

Kaylia clinked it against John's glass and then shot the entire thing down, and reached to refill it. "I are Kaylia Strenvale."

Jason looked at the bar and raised his glass to her. Mouthing out a thank you to her as he took a drink of beverage. As he adjusted himself so that he could see the entire room and not having anyone in back of him.

"It's nice to meet you, Kaylia," John replied. "Who is that gentleman over there? Usually, I don't pay any mind to random people in bars, but you sent that one a drink and he seems to be toasting you from his position."

"Hmm...." Kaylia pursed her lips, "I shall call you....Moose."

"Moose," repeated John, not sure if he should be flattered or offended. "Moose! Indeed! I'm not sure if I like that. But, stop trying to distract me. Who is the gentleman to whom you sent a drink and why is he toasting you? I don't want to have to take anymore guns from people. I simply won't have it!"

Kaylia made a nod and smiled, also a little cute mmhmm, confirmation sound. "Now say it with me. I am Moose." Yup she was nuts. Giving a glance over to Jason, "Um..I dunno really. Just wants him on the ship. Hadn't talked much."

"Oh!" said John slowly, expression brightening. "Why didn't you say so? We should invite him over!" With that, he turned a cheerful, almost boyish smile to the stranger and waved, indicating for him to come over. "New friends!" he added, rubbing his hands together excitedly. "I love meeting new friends!"

He turned away a moment and rolled his eyes as he turned back with a smile. As he stood up and headed there direction he tried to keep a clear head. "Hello all."

"Hallo, I'm the Doctor!" said John enthusiastically shaking the other man's hand. "Although, some people like to call me John Smith. This one calls me Moose. No idea why, but there it is."

Sasha looked at the doctor, "welcome aboard doctor we been searching for years." Sasha smiled.

"Welcome Doctor John. What would you prefer to be called John?" Jason asked him. "I honestly don't know what she called me?" As Jason tried real hard to recall, but the solution was beyond him.

"Hallo, what?" said John, looking around at the other woman seated nearby. "Who's this then?"

"That's the Cap'n." Kaylia smiled and was still hugging John's arm. "Like my new pet? I decided to keep him." Not even realizing her eyebrow was cut and bleeding.

"Oh! I see! That makes so much sense!" replied John brightly. He turned and shook the captain's hand rather vigorously. "Hello, Captain! I'm the Doctor! Please to meet you. Wait just a moment!" he added, abruptly dropping the captain's hand and turning back to Kaylia. "Keep me? What do you mean, keep me?"

Sasha looked at the doctor, "Welcome aboard doc." Sasha smiled as she looked at Kaylia, and giggled a little. "Well doc it looks like you made a friend in Kaylia." Sasha said. She looked at Kaylia, "Kaylia wheres your kitty, and how did you get that scratch on your head?" Sasha asked Kaylia.

"Keep you, like you are now mine, like Miss Kitty is. I have chosen I shall keep you." Kaylia grinned. "She's in its quarters and what scratch?"

Sasha looked over at Kaylia,and then the doctor." I guess Kaylia ,perfers her favorite doctor over the kitty in the quarters,which is about time that kitty stays in quarters." Sasha said,"I don't have to hear about the crew's Cat allergy complaints."Sasha smiled.

Kaylia point her finger at Sasha, "If I hear one person bitch about Miss Kitty, because they have allergies, when there are meds for that. I am going to tear this damn bar apart and whomever mentions it again." She was completely serious, and those that knew her knew that she could do it to and not stop her.

"No need for that!" insisted John, afraid that she'd actually do it. "Now let me see that scratch. Hm, yes. It's not bad. Clean it up and a bit of ointment and it'll be just fine."

Sasha looked at the doctor, "Oh doc, she does mean business,shes half wit crazy."she said." At times Kaylia drives me up a Wall,and cause me to grab a bottle of Bourbon."Sasha said.
"Kaylia chill, I will tell people who are allergic to cats to go see the doctor." Sasha also said."your lucky, im not one fo those people who are allergic to cats,I love animals especially cats." Sasha said to Kaylia.

Jason moved to the far side of the bar to get away from the arguing. He was not sure what was going on but it was hitting him harder then he realized as he started to shake again. He was trying his hardest to not see another nightmare or vision. As he placed his drink on the nearby table as he fought the cascade of emotions that started to fly into his mind.

"Yes. Excellent," agreed John. "I will be sure to have plenty of allergy meds. Are many people allergic to cats? I had a cat once was allergic to people- or I thought so anyway. She would sneeze every time I pet her. Or came into the room. Or thought about her. Come to think of it, maybe she was allergic to the house. Or summer."

Kaylia just glance at Jason, why he seemed to be acting funny. Taking a sip of her drink.

Sasha was near Kaylia,and thought the same thing too."Jason you alright?" Sasha asked. Getting worried bout him.

"I will be fine captain just working on some issues." As he tried not to go into details.

Sasha smiled at Jason,"Awww nothing can't bother you my friend."Sasha told Jason. "If you want to talk alone just find me and we will talk,just you,and me." Sasha said.

"I might just have to take you up on that captain." He tried for a half hearted smile and failed.

"Jason, you can call me Sasha." Sasha said. "Captain is too formal." Sasha also said.

"I will to try and incorporate the changes capt... I mean Sasha." He sighed before speaking again. "I guess old habits are hard to break since they were drilled into me."

Sasha smiled at Jason,"Its ok, wrong slips happen sometime,but your fine Jason." Sasha said ,as she got closer to him and took her hand to pat him on the one shoulder.

"So whats next?" Jason asked casually.

Sasha looked at Jason, " Whats next, you say." Sasha said. "well we can relax till we get we get to Ariel and check the action,and the work. " Sasha said.

"Relaxing?? I can handle that? maybe get some nap time in too." Jason smiled. "But I can go through the armory and clean and straighten and repair any damaged guns and take an inventory of what might be needed?" Jason offered.

Sasha looked at Jason, " Jason, you just gave yourself a job to do on the ship." Sasha grinned. " Go to the Armory, and go clean and fix weapons." Sasha said.

"I new I was going to put my foot in my mouth." Jason said with a smile as he left to start doing his work for the day. He only guessed what was in store for him as he finally got to the armory. "OMG! What a mess." He said to himself as he start right at the front door and started cleaning and putting things away just to get into the room.It took him 2 hours to deal with a third of the room as he cleaned and organized and placed the working units in one area and the non working in a open crate so he can go through them later after the room was all done and cleaned another 4 hours passed as he fished off the reorganizing and cleaned and then he start to clean and shine the guns and placed the ammo with the guns so they were easier to refill. And placed the bigger bangs in another area like grenades, sonic screamer, light bomb,TNT, C-4 and detonators. (6 hours pass for him.)

After he was finished all that he started laying out all the damaged guns by type and matching parts that would go with that gun to help in repairs the guns that were beyond repairs were placed in a red tote for recycling, melting them down for new items or creating more ammo or other useful things.

Sasha went over to Jason's way,where the weapons needed cleaning and fixed. "Hows it going here Jason."sasha asked, "also when you fix them I need them clean as well." Sasha told Jason.

"Of course." Jason said calmly as he finished sorting the dead items. "What ya think? take a look around? All is done except the repairs of the itmes and scrapping the stuff that cant be saved. Or better yet recycled." Jason said calmly to Sasha.

Kaylia just happened to skip, yes skip by, as in hop skip where Jason and Sasha were.

Jason watched as she skipped by the armory. At least she was having fun he thought. As he watched Sasha while she looked the place over. As he started on the first weapon as he dry fitted the pieces to see if they were going to go together easily as he continued piece by piece till he was done with one gun as he moved to the next set of pieces. As he waited for an answer one way or another for approval or denial.

Sasha walked around the ship ,seeing how the crew was doing,and looked over at Kaylia skipping,and Jason doing a weapons check.

Sasha headed for the cock pit checking on the new pilot.


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