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The Divide part 1

Posted on Wed Jun 14th, 2017 @ 3:43pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Kaylia Strenvale
Edited on on Sun Jun 25th, 2017 @ 1:14am

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Location: Whitefall
Timeline: 2518

Sasha had her Browncoat on getting ready to leave the Nightwolf, to walk onto Whitefall. She got on the comm, "Major Maxwell, I need you to come with me into Whitefall. You and I are gonna walk together and check out the area." Sasha waited for him to come with her.

"On my way," Major Maxwell replied while pressing the comm button on his Helm console. He grabbed his own Browncoat that was draped on the back of his chair when he was flying. He threw it on, pulled his gun out of the holster to verify that it was loaded and ready for a fight should anything happen. Once satisfied that it was, he replaced it back into his holster and met Sasha at the ramp to leave the ship.

"How do you want to go about it, Captain?" Hannibal asked.

Sasha looked at the Major, "Well you and I are going to explore Whitefall together and the rest is to come later. We need to check this town out and look for our new doctor too." Sasha said, "So let's get our butts moving ok Major." Sasha also asked him. "We may have to split up and really check this area out here in Whitefall Major," Sasha said as she was interested in seeing some sites.

"Makes sense. We'll cover more area that way," Hannibal agreed with a nod.

Sasha ordered Maxwell to split up, with her and check out the whole area of Whitefall to see what action is going on.Sasha turned around and looked at the person who's watching and walks over to her. "Excuse me I see you watching us can you tell me what you want?" Sasha said looking at the woman.

Hannibal nodded as he split up from Sasha to look through his assigned area. It wasn't long before he detected that he had a tail. He led the follower into a nearby ally to ambush them. Once he positioned himself behind a dumpster, he waited for his prey to get close enough before he popped out, gun drawn on his follower. The other man was obviously Alliance, "That's far enough. Why are you following me?"

The Alliance Officer smirked, "We're not following you. We have you completely surrounded."

"We?" Hannibal asked as he turned his head to look behind him just in time to see an Alliance soldier and the butt of his rifle smacking Hannibal in the head. Hannibal fell to the ground limp as he lost consciousness and everything went dark.

Sasha kept walking around Whitefall, enjoying the sites,and hopefully find work some where around the town,and what not.
Sasha then Called on her communicator to Maxwell to see if he found anything interesting. "Sasha to Maxwell, you reading me." Sasha said, hopefully he would answer."Maxwell its Sasha can you hear me?" Sasha got worried ,and ran back to where they split up at. Sasha yelled, "Maxwell Where Are You?" Sasha looked around the area, and she looked all around. Then she thought Maxwell would of walked this one way, so Sasha walked around this one area searching for her pilot,Maxwell and all she saw was some alliance officers walking around. Sasha then turned around, and walked away. Sasha didn't want to mess,or deal with Alliance officers. Sasha then walked away from the Alliance officers upsettingly, thinking that maybe Maxwell was snatched by the alliance and the reason why they were walking along that one area.

"Education center, they may have taken him there, where I was, put things into your head, make you do things. Horrible things!" The young woman said as she made sure her face was covered as she followed behind Sasha like a lapdog.

Sasha looked at the woman, "Education center? " Sasha Said.
"I've heard of it with the Alliance, and i heard stories too." Sasha said,to the woman while being a bit angry, and Upset about the whole detail.

"If he was taken there, there is noway to get him out. Thats what happened to me. I am running away from them, sooner im off this rock the better." Sarah said looking around nervously as she kept her face hidden.

Sasha looked at the woman, "That's just great my pilot in the hands of the alliance. Now I need a new pilot." Sasha said too with a soft sigh.

"Well I can fly. Part of the Education they gave me before my escape." Sarah said politely.

Sasha looked at the woman, "You can fly?" Sasha said." Have you ever flown a Firefly class ship before?" Sasha asked the woman." I need a pilot who knows how to fly a firefly class ship!" she said upsettingly..

"Of course, know how to fly one, you can figure out how to fly everything else." Sarah told Sasha.

Sasha looked at the women, "ok I'll try you out,lets see how smart you can be." Sasha told the woman.

"Yes, Ma'am." Sarah said straightly.

Sasha looked at her, " well lets go check her out." Sasha said, I want to see what you can do as a pilot." Sasha said with a smile on her face."I hope you can lift us up ok, to go to a Spacestation, then to Ariel" Sasha also said. "When we go to The Spacestation, for fuel, and mail." Sasha said, well try and find a short cut path to Ariel." Sasha also said.


OOC: To be continued Part 2


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