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Its a kitten, and hello new Weapons specialist Part 1

Posted on Wed Jun 14th, 2017 @ 3:30pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Kaylia Strenvale

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Location: Nightwolf

"You come back here you little shit!" Kaylia was running after a kitten. Which clearly was avoiding her words. She also didn't care what Sasha said, she was the First Mate and had a plan that would work for both of them. If she could catch the little fucker. "Stop running from me, miss mew mew!!"

Sasha had her brown long coat on getting ready to land on Whitefall, Sasha couldn't wait it walk on land since leaving Persephone when the ship was built.Sasha left the the co-pilots seat and headed down the gang way,and hung out in that area waiting to land Sasha smiled to herself ,and rubbed her hands together whispering to herself. "We shall see what Whitefall has to to offer us work and supplies wise,"she said to herself. Sasha was in a very good mood till she heard some mews,"Oh no we have a cat on board?,"she said in an upsetting way and wondered where the meows are coming from. Sasha knew Kaylia Strenvale wanted a cat and she yelled "KAYLIA STRENVALE WHERE DID THAT CAT COME FROM!!" Sasha was totally upset over the whole situation.

"I said you get back here miss mew mew!" Kaylia was still chasing through parts of the ship. Ending up mimicing the kitten by actually running on both her hands and feet. Just like a cat. Jumping to pounce on it. "Gotcha!" Giggling, "You silly monkey, no running from momma." Which the pounce just happened to land her right at Sasha's feet.

"Kaylia do you have something to explain to me on how you got a cat?" Sasha said as she stood there frowning,"I told you couldn't have a cat if your gonna live in the air ducts."Sasha told her standing there tapping her one foot."the only time you can have a cat is if you lived in the smaller quarters."Sasha said quite angerly.

"Got it before we ever left and it was mentioned, its been living in the quarters. Miss Mew Mew got out." Kaylia explained.

All that Jason can do was Laugh at the sight of the kid and kitten. "Is it all this lively?" Jason asked.

"Singing offkey", engine engine#9. While observing gauges, which are all in proper working order. All but one, h20 is in the red. Ahchoo,Ahchoo, wtf is going on only thing I'm allergic to is cat dander. There should not be any here in engineering. Why are my damned allergies acting up?
"Hey Col. We need more water! Soon. Or we'll be as dry as the Sahara desert. Plus we will overtax the engines if we're not careful with our water stores. Our h20 tanks are just so big."

Sasha heard from the engineer,she pressed the button on the speaker and said "Sergeant Boldinsski This is why were landing in Whitefall for supplies and work, your just gonna have to do with what supplies we have till we get to Whitefall."Sasha said to him on the comm sitch on the wall as she clicked off,Sasha could not believe that Kaylia got a kitty on persephone.
Sasha never heard meows or smell cat dander,when the crew and her left from Persephone."Kaylia your lying you did not get that kitty from Persephone,i never heard Mews or smell cat dander aboard Nightwolf when we left Persephone." Sasha also said.

She punched Sasha in the shin, being Kaylia had not gotten up yet. That was the closest thing in swing shot or it might have been Sasha's jaw. The kitten was being more than complacent and quiet. "I am no liar woman! Don't you be mean to Miss Mew Mew. She has damaged mew cords." At least Kaylia didn't call Sasha a bitch. Kaylia meant that the kittens vocal cords were damaged and healing.

Sasha was quite angry with Kaylia when she punched her in the shin,"You don't treat your captain this way Missy."Sasha said as she rubbed her Shin,"Were supposed to pick up a doctor in Whitefall Missy, you can bring the cat to the doctor when he or she comes,to see what the doctor has to say,"Sasha told Kaylia after rubbing her shins when Kaylia kicked her.

Sasha then pressed the button on the wall saying,"Attention all hands, when we get to Whitefall, we will be picking up one passenger. That is all." Sasha turned the comms off on the wall, and still could not believe Kaylia punched her in the shins for being mad over the cat situation."Kaylia the kitty is gonna need its shots,and nails trimmed and the whole 9 yards That will be your responsibility since you got the cat Missy."Sasha said to her.

"I know..her being a meanie Miss Mew Mew. I sorry," Kaylia got up and was petting and kissing on the kitten. "What? Yew don't like her, cause she's mean. That's not very nice Miss Mew Mew. She just needs a new brain."

Sasha shook her head,"Kaylia I told you im an animal lover and I love cats too."Sasha told her looking at the cat ."when we get our doctor Kaylia,you are to have the cat looked at and operated on by our new doctor , so the cat can meow normally and the Cat probably needs food too."Sasha told Kaylia.

"Miss Mew Mew has food and all that other stuffs she's suppose to have, thank you, I'm not stupid."

Sasha looked at Kaylia, "I did not say you were stupid, I was just concerned for your cat with the vocal issue. "Sasha said to Kaylia,"like I told you before when the new doctor arrives and gets settled in take your cat to him or her for a full examination,and get the vocal issue taken care of too."Sasha also said.

Kaylia finally stood up, holding the kitten in her arms, protectively. "She doesn't like you, you're mean. She's not going to like the doctor either. I can take care of her."

Sasha looked at the kitten and Kaylia "well you said the kitten cant meow all the way due to lung problems, i was trying to help you so your kitten can be well by seeing the doctor."Sasha said
"I just dont like to see a kitten being sick thats all." Sasha also said with a slight tears in her eyes rolling on her face.

"I said vocal issue, as in her vocal cords having to heal." Kaylia petting more on the kitten.

Sasha looked at Kaylia,"I still think when we get our doctor he/she should just check that kittens vocal cords." Sasha said with alot of Concern in her.

Even though Sasha needed to get ready for their landing on Whitefall ,getting supplies and finding work Sasha was still concerned about Kaylia's kitten.

It was just going to be riding time to get there and then landing. Supply load requisitions file and confirmed. Kaylia ran out and off to the bar where the doctor was suppose to be. Which then it ended up in a fight.

She didn't start it, she really didn't. She said 'No.' twice when some drunk tried to keep grabbing her breasts. So she broke his nose, arm, and leg. Along with....well just about everyone else in the bar, except the good doctor.

Currently now sitting on top of a table, cross-legged and sipping a beer after downing a shot. "Some one gonna be pissed these bad people broke the bar."

Sasha put her brown coat on, and got off the ship and headed for the bar,she needed to gather a team for the supplies while Sasha goes to the bar to find Work,and the Doctor.Sasha heard some commotion,and ran in the bar to look around. Sasha looked around," What da hell is going on here?"Sasha yelled as she see's Kaylia looked all worked up."Kaylia what in all hell happen?"Sasha asked upsettingly.

"The drunk man kept touching my boobs even when I said no."

Sasha looked at Kaylia,"so did you let him have it?"Sasha said,"Point me to the jerk that touched your breasts,and i will talk to him."Sasha said.

While on ground I get the water we need in our tanks filled as soon as i find water thats safe enough. Then I proceed to upgrade the water ratio to the engines. Plus I look for a additive to ad to ships engine cooling system. Plus build three extra 55 gallon water barrels. Will then need to do math to make sure we dont exeed weight tolerances.

Sasha was near Kaylia wondering what jerk would touch her breasts, Sasha then saw 1 or 2 Nightwolf crew come out with out her knowing about it. Sasha shook her head and continued with the Jack ass who touched Kaylia's breasts.

She just giggled in fits, a lot, and a lot. Did she look around at the place and all the people whom tried to attack her and them being hurt. However, the blood on her was not hers. "I already took care of that, silly."

Sasha looked at Kaylia ,"you should of shown me first before you took action on the person." Sasha was upset with Kaylia,at what she did. " Kaylia i know how you like to take matters in your own hands,but i would like to see the person first next time."Sasha shook her head afterwards.

"Shown you first why? You weren't here, he kept grabbing them. Would not stop when I told him to multiple times. So I broke his arm. No means NO." Kaylia gigged again, "Oh and his itty bitty parts too." Motioning to the groin area.

Jason walks into the bar as the doors flapped back and forth as he moved to a table by himself in the corner as he took a seat and waited for the waitress to come by. He sat there quietly as he surveyed the room from his vantage point. As he watched some poor soul get his hand handed to him by a woman. Much less half of the entire bar. He almost laughed but held it in. But it was a funny sight he never saw a girl or woman do that before. As he sat there quietly focused his mind. So he would be ready for anything.

Sasha looked at Kaylia,"Damn sounds like you showed him who is boss, but still I would like to know whats going on with my crew if they are being bothered,or not." Sasha explained..

"I will say again, silly, you were not here, can't tell you before hand. Not like I have the ESPN." Yes, its ESP, she just heard that phrase from a very very very old Earth movie once.

Jason opened his eyes as he decided to move to a different location since the waitress apparently was avoiding him as he moved to a table that was closer to the other that had a fresh encounter with the man playing boobies. As he moved to a table next to them. "Sorry to pry but is everything ok?" He did not want to go into details as it was a bit of a sensitive subject in general.

It wasn't sensitive for Kaylia, she was fine. She worked like a light switch. Looking to Jason, narrowing her eyes. "You gonna try to grab me and I say no too?"

"No miss... Nothing like that. I was just making sure you were ok? No bad intentions intended. I am very amazed on how well you handled the pervert." Jason said sincerely to her. "I never seen such well formed technique to take care of the pervert." He gave a small polite smile.

"Yay!" Switch brain kicked in. Kaylia hugged him. "Well then hi!!" Smiling and leaning back, giving a look at the aftermath, another switch. "You call half the bar's patrons asses kicked, just a him?"

"Your welcome." as he returned the hug. It was a long time he felt a true hug. It felt good but strange to him. He listened to what she said. "Well they probably needed there ass kicked. And the others?? "He asked with a smile. "Nice to meet you I am Jason."

"They just decided to jump in and I was defending myself," Kaylia smile. Then she pouted, "Oh no! I got blood on your clothes!" Grabbing a few napkins and trying to wipe it off. "Kaylia."

Rebekka walked into the bar and saw the hurricane that hit it, and the crew. She glided further into the room and then stopped. She looked down at the man that started the hurricane named Kaylia. "Can one of you please tell me what happened to this man and this bar?" She asked.

"Its ok nothing to worry about. All i need to do is wash them." Jason said calmly. As he noticed another approach."Self defense !" as he winked at the Kaylia. As He listened and watched the other to see if they spoke up or not.

"What's yer name?" Kaylia tilted her head to the side cutely.

He knew he said his name but he was not bothers by it. "My name is Jason!"

"Oh, okies." Kaylia looked to Rebekka, "All yours to play with."

"Play with???" Looking amused and puzzled at the same time.

Kaylia giggled and nodded, "Uh huh, play wif. She gets to play wif you now. I already did and stole your stuff." Holding up Jason's cred card. "Should you like that back now?"

He stayed calm. "Please can I have my card back?" He asked politely and in a low non treating tone. "Anything else??" As he smiled. "You do have a talent for the trade."

"I have lots of talents, honey." Kaylia smiled. Holding the card actually out to him now. "No, just the card. If I was going to keep it, I wouldn't have told you I had it."

"Very true I appreciate the heads up." He said with a small smile. "Anyone else want to play? Joking just joking."

"Like I said, Bekka prolly does, my kitten would."

"Kitten?? Well its nice to meet you Bekka." Jason said kindly. As he watched the bar for new signs of trouble

Sasha was enjoying a drink ,and the scenery and hoping someone would come up to her and offer her a job.

"Yus yus, Miss kitty girl."

"It is a pleasure Jason." Rebekka said. "I think we should leave before the Law arrives."

"That would be a logical course of action." Jason said in agreement as he waited for the others.

Sasha came up to everyone, "Hello everyone,how we doing today?" Sasha said with a smile and a drink in her hand. "I know a couple of you, for those who haven't met me i'm Colonel Sasha Reynolds. I'm captain aboard the Nightwolf, A firefly class ship." Sasha said.

The fact that there is a cat aboard worries me as to where the hell am i going to find allergy med that i want in future. Dont care for the doctors, there to damned stuck up. Telling me what too eat, and what not to do. Screw that ill just look for some of my own stuff. But was also going to need a needle and thread, damned street urchins tried to abscond with my too kit. He'll need a surgeon to put all his fingers back on.

"But but, dats my baby, don't you be mean to her. You'll end up like those people in here for grabbing my boobs without permission." Kaylia said.

Sasha saw Kaylia, "Whats wrong?, kitty problems." Sasha said to Kaylia. Sasha wondered why Kaylia was so upset. " Kaylia I don't think anyone would harm your kitty." Sasha also said.
Sasha looked at the person, " I heard your allerigic to cats,don't worry Kaylia will make sure her kitty stays with her at all times."
Sasha turned to Kaylia."Kaylia if there are people who are allergic to cats,it doesn't mean they will harm."

Jason waited for his turn to say something. "Excuse me captain when you have a minute I would like to speak to you." as he waited casually for his turn.

Just like that with Kaylia lucid one minute and not at any given moment, her brain switched. "I'm hungy." Walking off to go to the galley and make a sandwich.

Sasha saw Kaylia leave with her kitty to get something to Eat, Sasha then faced Jason. "So what do you need, are you a new crew member?" Sasha said questionably.

"Well I was checking to see if you needed a crewman? At the moment I am not your crew man yet?" Jason said quickly and calmly.

Sasha looked at the guy, " Yes im looking for a crewmen ,and I'm looking for a Weapons specialist." Sasha told the man. So whats your name?" Sasha asked the gentleman.

"I am Jason!" Jason said calmly to her. "I know about weapons."

Sasha smiled ,"Thats great, We need a person like that with your weapons knowledge. "Sasha smiled as she let out her one hand and arm to shake.

"I used to work for the alliance. it was brutal to say the least. "He shook hard for a moment before he held out his hand to shake hers. Hoping that would not turn her off. He swallowed hard.

Kaylia ran by the right after the little ball of fur did. "I said come back here, bitch!"

Sasha looked at Jason and smiled after what he said about the Alliance. Sasha looked at him."welcome aboard

All Jason could do is burst out laughing as Kaylia's comment." Thank you captain he said with a broad smile.

Sasha smiled,"I don't care if you used to work with the alliance before." Sasha said. " Just as long as your no alliance spy,and stab us in the back." Sasha also said

"Kaylia, as long as I've had my allergy meds the cat doesn't bother me much. I am a animal person, owned dogs all my private life. The fact that I don't have any meds right now was the issue. Although you handled you issues as well as I did." Stupid punk needs to learn to respect his elders, or his betters.

"Greetings Jason welcome aboard."

Sasha looked at Kaylia and her cat,"Kaylia what did i tell you bout having your cat around people who are allergic ." Sasha said with a frown on her face.

Jason just watched the commotion of the other and tried not to get in the way.

"You didn't say shit about it actually, so you can't jump on me for someone being allergic." Kaylia nuzzled the kitten. "You stop being mean to Miss Kitty. All of you. Suck it up, buttercups. Jesus, there's antihistamine meds in the medical bay, am I the only one who knows this ship in and out?"

Sasha shook her head, "Kaylia I told you before when the new engineer came aboard." Sasha told her. "But if you want me to repeat myself, I will. Kaylia When it comes to pets like your kitty,
and someone is allergic to cats." Sasha said, " you are not to have that kitty around people who are allergic from now on." sasha told her." There are alot more areas of the ship you can take your kitty to, but if there's people around, go some where else with your kitty." Sasha also said.

"And I just told you, we have meds in the damn medical bay to take care of that. Are you daft and just choose to not listen?" Kaylia said.

Sasha looked at Kaylia, "I know we have meds for that,you don't need to tell me."Sasha said to kaylia. "Its just i got alot on my mind right now," Sasha told Kaylia."I'm trying to find work for our crew so we can get paid,and getting out of the alliances hair as well." Sasha told Kaylia.

"Well evidently I had to tell you, because you forgot and its your ship." Kaylia snorted.

Sasha grumbled,"I know this is my ship,we need ship fuel,and we cant get that without work to get paid, Kaylia"she yelled some."Kaylia do you have money towards ship fuel, to get to the next planet,and hope to god we can find work." Sasha grumbled.

"Boss" we dont need funds just yet. I think I'll buy fuel to get us places, for now. Plus I can contact some businesses that need freight hauled short term. If you want."

"Yeah, I got like 3 million creds." Kaylia said.

Sasha looked on,"As long as we get work we need the money."Sasha said,and looked over at Kaylia. "Kaylia, Thank you but i dont want to take your money, " Sasha said." we need work and were gonna get it on Ariel." and if any of you have connections for work, on Ariel, great we need to work, Even if its from The Alliance, If any of you have connections there." Sasha said.

Kaylia shrugged, "Not like I'm using it for anything, but suit yourself."

"I can see if any of my clients need anything transported." Rebekka said from the door. "But I think Kaylia is wanting to help keep this venture running, before we run short. You know I, also, still have funds available for the Nightwolf."

"Do we need money?" Jason asked. "Are we short on something?"

Sasha looked at Jason,"we always need money, food, clothing ,and fuel for the ship." Sasha told Jason."Thats why we need to get work in Ariel." Sasha also said.

" I have a ton of credits stored up from the time i was in the service along with extra hazard pay." as he decided not to add more then he wanted too. "I do have some people that might want passage to Ariel? There wanting to get out of the alliance controlled space."

Sasha sighed a bit," I don't want to take your money,Jason."Sasha said. "I'd only ask you if it was an emergency." Sasha Said. " That passage to Ariel,sounds like a job we should get paid."That be great Jason." Sasha smiled.

"I will contact them now." Jason commented kindly as he went to make his calls. As he came back a few minutes later. "They will be here shortly. there will be to 3 families of for and two singles. 14 total."

Sasha smiled,"Are they comming by ships, cause they are welcomed to follow me to Ariel." Sasha asked,"Well make sure nothing happens to them..

"I believe there planning on booking passage through you and more then likely if they get there safely will pay a extra tip." Jason said fairly certainly. "They knew I would not offer a person for work if I did not think they could deliver".

"Sasha, I know plenty of merchants that are always looking for cargo haulers. Without asking any questions."plus I know plenty of mechanics looking for extra parts I would build and design that work."

Sasha looked at the two men. " As long as we have work coming to us on our way, or in Ariel, Thats perfect we need the money, for supplies, fuel for the ship, and anything else we need." Sasha explained.

Rebekka figured that Sasha was in Captain mood. She figured that Sasha and her gentlemen callers had every well in hand. "Excuse me Captain and gentlemen, I have another engagement that I must attend too.

"I'll contact those persons of interest too see what they may want or need us to do. Within legal allowances". Wink Wink Nudge Nudge......

Sasha smiled, "Rebekka thanks we need all the work we can get." Sasha told her." We need work,and get paid. " Sasha also said.

Jason stood there quietly as he watched the others chat. He kept quiet as he moved to the wall and leaned up against it. Tried to stay out of the others business.

Sasha looked over at Jason, "Is there something you need?" she smiled. as she was talking to Rebekka.

"No! If I am bothering you I can go somewhere else?" Jason asked. "I will leave you to things ." as he started to turn away and scurry off do other things.

Sasha shook her head, he was not bothering me,if he wanted something he could of just asked.Sasha thought.

"KaaaaaaaaaaCHOO!" Kaylia giggled, "Silly dust mites."

"Bless you!" Jason said quickly not missing a beat before he turned the corner and he was gone again.

"Thank you," Kaylia stuck her head in then moved along.

Jason felt like he was in a cartoon. All he could do is laugh at the situation as he continued on with what he was doing or rather where he was headed.

Sasha, Looked over at Jason, "Whats so funny." She asked Jason.

"Kaylia is?? There is so much free spirit and innocence there it helps me feel like a kid again>" Jason said with a sad face as the smile faded completely.

Sasha looked at Jason, " thats how Kaylia is at times. " Sasha said, "she gets into one of her moments." Sasha also said.

"Moments??" Jason said flatly. "I would have been happy to have half of what she had during my childhood."

Sasha looked at Jason, "you know what?, your not the only one." Sasha said. "Its one moment shes acting strange ,and another time she acts like a child." She said standing near Jason.

"I imagine it was something traumatic that made her that way." Jason speculated. Not meaning too just his curious nature showing forward.

Sasha looked at Jason, " Well different people do have mental, and any other problems in life, im just not sure about Kaylia's"
Sasha sighed, while thinking about it.

"I'm wondering if she was one of the experiments that got away from the alliance? I don't care mind you but they did terrible things to young kids and i should know. There tests and experiments were beyond in humane. " Jason said as he fell silent.

Sasha looked at Jason, " you don't say? " Sasha said. "Jason you must know about that kind of stuff, and maybe you should explain to me about that proceedure, it might help me understand Kaylia.." Sasha said sternly.



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