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Nightwolf party time in space

Posted on Thu Jun 8th, 2017 @ 2:42pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Kaylia Strenvale

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Location: Nightwolf
Timeline: 2518

Sasha got on the command speaker to get everyone's attention.
"Attention everyone on the Nightwolf, this is your Captain Sasha Reynolds. Please report outside. I am getting ready to break the christening bottle."

Sasha said as she carried the bigger champagne bottle,down the walk and the stairs,to walk outside the "Nightwolf, to get ready to break it on the Nightwolf herself. Sarah waited for the crew to get outside,so Sasha can make her speech and break the bigger
champagne on the firefly class stars ship,"Nightwolf"..

Kaylia popped her head up hearing what was said on the speakers. "Ooo..goodie! Something goes breakie break." Jumping up in the white dress she had on and running to get outside in her bare feet. [image of the dress is on the personnel bio]

Rebekka was in the port side shuttle arranging and decorating. She heard the announcement and headed out. Stopping long enough to watch the young woman in a white dress run down the stairs. She had the chuckle at the counter balance the girl picked, the girl in white while she was in black. She headed down the stairs and out to where everyone is at. "Colonel." She said stepped next to the woman.

Hannibal heard the announcement and headed outside. He and the Engineer Golistan had tested the engines earlier in the day and got her purring like a kitten before they had signed off on her as ready to fly. Now he was off to join his other new crew mates to watch the christening of the Nightwolf.

"Hi hi." She giggled standing next to Rebekka. "Oh oh, do I get to make it go smash?" Kaylia rolled her shoulders and took in a long breath. Having to remind herself she was not 12. "Um....Who gets to break it on the hull? Sasha?"

Sasha saw everyone assembled ,and looked at Kaylia"Well my dear your not smashing I am this big champagne bottle..
Sasha looked at Everyone,"Ok everyone its time to smash the champagne bottle, i would like to thank the Crew who built Nightwolf,there's a couple Champagne bottles for you all to share and the rest of the Nightwolf crew too,so that's my little speech, plus id like to thank you all for climbing aboard and being a part of my crew,I'm so proud to have you. so with that said in all here comes the big surprise."Sasha said,as she grabs the huge bottle of Champagne ,and wallops it like a baseball bat and smashes it on the Nightwolf,as she watches the champagne splash all over the ship,and Sasha herself got a couple sprays of Champagne."Ok, Crew lets get inside,and take off from this ragged planet Persephone i want to get this baby off the ground."she said,as she waves goodbye to the villagers of Persephone.

Golistan raises glass of bourbon, drains glass moves on board to get to the engine area to finish his version of the party. Time will tell if he'll ever come back to this place ever again, or if he really cares if he comes back.

Hannibal cheered and at Sasha's cue to fly, he went directly inside the ship, to the cockpit and in his Pilot's seat. He went over his pre-flight checklist and started the engines.

Sasha gave a huge smile seeing her crew walk onto the firefly class ship Nightwolf,Sasha then said "Ok crew,and my favorite Companion are we all on the firefly ok" she waved her last wave again to the people of Persephone and the big door hatch lifted up, and the Nightwolf was taking off...

Hannibal lifted off as the hatch closed to pressurize the ship. Soon as that was complete, he lifted the ship up out of the atmosphere and into orbit of the planet.

Rebekka smiled at Sasha and entered the ship. Where she herself went up to the bridge to see the Stars from the front windows of the Ship of her Freedom.

Golistan checks his area, the gauges are all in the green. Then he proceed to tinker with a piece of scrap he then can find a use for. After another five hrs he heads off to bed.

Kaylia just bounced around through the ship until things got ready for take off. Scooting up to the bridge and hovering over once chair and then the other. Looking over their shoulders as to what they were doing.

Sasha was looking around her ship and crew just happy as a clam with a bottle of Champagne in her hand drinking it out of the bottle, dancing around in in circles in joy.

Hannibal chugged down a gulp of his bottle of Champagne as he flew the ship out into deep space. Because this far out, what is he going to hit if he drinks and flies? He laid in the course for their destination after a while and set it to auto-pilot and went to hang out in the mess hall.

Well if no one was going to play co-pilot, then she would. Hopping into the second chair. Kaylia pulled her legs up under her and poled a button. Nothing detrimental, at least this time. It just turned the running lights off. Looking to Golistan, "Can I fly?"

Sasha was upstairs, "I don't think so Kaylia, just because I'm captain we have the one pilot Hannibal,and I can come and help him too besides checking around the Nightwolf." Sasha said.

"So? Lots of people can do lots of stuffs, why can't I fly the ship too?" Kaylia asked, and looked damn cute. Not only the innocent look on her face, but as well as what she was still wearing. Her fingers playing with the bottom hem of the skirt of the white dress.

Listen if you are in error on the directions of this vessel, we could all die. I like living, it beats the alternative. Learn how by books and watching those who know. You don't see me wanting to fly this ship do you?

Sasha continued to stay upstairs watching the sun come out"what a beautiful site i see"Sasha said as she continued to look on.

"Kaylia, your not qualified to fly the ship yet. Maybe with some additional practice you can eventually fly the ship. Besides, the helm console is locked out with a code. Only the Captain and I can unlock it," Hannibal replied. He added, "Now get out of my seat."

Sasha nodded to the pilot,"you heard the major your not touching the helm controls Kaylia. That is Major Maxwell's job young lady."Sasha told her.

Kaylia narrowed her eyes, "You two are no fun, you know that."

Sasha said"you want to learn to fly you talk it over with Major Maxwell." Sasha told Kaylia"if he wants to teach you or not its up to the good major,"Sasha said as she was finished watching the sun lite she was about to go downstairs to see what was going on there..

"Perhaps I could teach her how to fly a shuttle, before she starts to pester the Major." Rebekka said with a smile. "Besides all pilots learn to fly those before moving to a beauty like the Nightwolf."

"That's not a bad idea. Starting off small is ideal. Especially in Deep Space where there is nothing to hit," Hannibal replied.

"Yay!" Happy bounce clap from Kaylia.

Sasha looked over at Kaylia and shook her head,"good luck major Maxwell teaching Kaylia how to fly a shuttle."she said as was continuing to enjoy the sun.

"Pffft, please. If I can compulate how to open a mini black hole in my head using three pieces of metal, some duct tape, and a fusion drive. I can fly a ship." Kaylia stuck her tongue out.

Rebekka cocked an eye at the girl. "I think you will not have the time to do that when you start training as a pilot."

Kaylia giggled, "I already just computed it."

Golistan shakes his head and just walks off, muttering to himself. Some people just dont listen to their elders, will have to be adjusted by their betters.

"Why not? I can do it in like three seconds," Kaylia smiled.

Sasha looked at Kaylia,"over my dead body you will"Sasha yelled."You and your little mind tricks are getting you into trouble"Sasha said with a dirty look on Kaylias face.
"Kaylia you will know your place in line my dear and know i'm running the show not you"Sasha also said rubbing her fingers between her nose and eyes,thinking she feels a head ache coming on.Sasha looked at Kaylia"For now Kaylia get out of my face you are pissing me off young lady now scoot along and hide so i dont see you."Sasha also said as she went to the dining area to look for something hard to drink.

Kaylia shifted and 'accidently' bumped her shoulder into Sasha's, "Oops. Guess I didn't see you there, since you aren't smart enough to realize whom you're talking to, girlie." Walking off.

Sasha gave Kaylia a mean and dirty glare."I'm upset with you dont make things worse.Sasha said "Right now i want to be alone with a Stiff drink,and you out of my site and go find someone else to bother."Sasha said angely..

While everyone was enjoying their new flight ,and living quarters,the Nightwolf soars through space to their new adventures yet to come.

"Oh horsefeathers, another know it all. Whats next is she going to try to tell me how my engines should run? If so I may have to get medieval on her young arse. Although if she proves me wrong I can teach her some things, and she could get to some areas that are hard for me to get too. We shall see, Kaylia leave the cat in your quarters when we have lifted off."

Sasha just shook her head,and drinking her bourbon out of the bottle to relax.

"I always do, and do not give me orders. I will take Miss Kitty where ever the hell I want to. I'm not stupid, so don't treat me as such just because I' and not always lucid." Kaylia growled instead of hitting him.

Sasha gave Kaylia a dirty look," Kaylia, you don't growl at our guests,Employees, nor yell at them." Sasha was quite upset with Kaylia over her actions." Kaylia from now on, if you have a problem with someone come to me first, and we'll get it settled." Sasha said as she was enjoying the bottle of bourbon.

"I just did, I will not be called stupid. I am far from it. How would you like it if I kept calling you stupid just because you had your brain screwed with." Kaylia slammed her glass down breaking it and walked off.

She looked at Kaylia,"Hey no breaking glass in here young lady." With Sasha being partially drunk, on her Bourbon,she got kind of Nasty on Kaylia."I never freaking called you Stupid, who called you stupid."sasha said feeling the effects of the bourbon while holding a pole so she wont fall.

Kaylia snatched up a piece of glass. Throwing it over her shoulder, without looking which it the bullseye on one of the dart boards. "No. You didn't. You did not verbally say it. He DID. I am not retarded. You have fun being experimented on for years, asshole." Looking to the offender.

Sasha shook her head,and thinking to herself. when can this girl think for once shes not special or a fucking retard,. Sasha thought to herself, being angry as hell."Kaylia do you know how to ignore jerks who call you a retard?, I guess not. Just let it go out one ear,and out the other."Sasha told Kaylia.

"I will say this one more time so maybe you will listen. When you have had what has been done to me, done to you and it makes you bat shit crazy half of the time, then you can lecture me for being the way I am." Kaylia said.

Sasha just shook her head at the whole situation, As she was feeling a headache coming,and mumbled to herself." Damn Kaylia I'm sick,and tired of arguing with you."

"Kaylia, my dear," Rebekka started in a sweet tone, "no need to get upset. Perhaps now is a good time to retire to our personal quarters to reflect upon the day."

Sasha looked at Rebekka,"There you go , thats telling her to calm down." Sasha said." Just don't call Kaylia any names like retard,stupid,and etc." Sasha smiled.

"If I was going to call anyone an idiot, I wouldn't be backhanded about it. I would say they/he/she are stupid. i said the idea was stupid." Golistan replied while SHH, and walking away.

"No thank you," Kaylia shifted to get her kitten and to go get drunk.

Sasha just looked at everyone, and shook her head looking upset at everyone. Can't everyone just get along? she thought to herself..

Rebekka shrugged at the girl. "I think I will retire to my shuttle, and reflect upon my day." She smiled sweetly at everyone. "Good evening everyone." She turned and took her leave.

"I'm off to get shitfaced and sleep." Golistan muttered on his way off.

Sasha looked at everyone leaving, I think I will do the same Sasha thought as she left too.


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