Posted on Tue Dec 31st, 2019 @ 8:55pm by Civilian Sheila Shellito

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Timeline: Before Joining the ship

Sheila had been waiting for her chance to show those Browncoats who was the Queen of the sky. The Tohoku-class cruiser, Locarta, had positioned its self above one of the Rim planets. It had been one of the last browncoats hold outs. She couldn't wait for the battle to begin.
Cade had joined the Alliance as soon as he could. It had not taken him long to find his way into the intelligence area. He was a natural when it came to gathering information. The Alliance prepared him for becoming a double agent. He found his way deep into the browncoats inner circles. It was there that he realized that he was on the wrong side. He stared to give the browncoats what ever information he could. It had not taken long for the Alliances to find out. As good as Cade was the Alliance eventually found him. It took several years but they found him. They were currently in position over the small planet in the Rim.
The order was given and the AFAS ships took off. It did not take Sheila long to cut her way through the ranks of Browncoats fighters. The fighting was over and the ground troops cleaned up. When the list of the dead came through she found her brothers name on it. Confused she went to her superiors to ask questions. The answers she was given did not add up. She knew that they were not telling her the whole truth. She decided then and there to resign her commission. This was granted only because of her family ties in the Alliance.
It was a few days after she had left the Alliance a cargo ship hauling several AFAS's had come under attack. Not able to defend itself the ship was destroyed. Everything onboard was lost. What was not known was that the ship was boarded, one ship was taken then tje cargo ship was destroyed.
Her ship in hand Sheila found her way to a ship and a Captain that did not ask to many questions. She agreed to pilot the ship and with her AFAS help protect it and its cargo and crew. She had found it interesting that the ship she had found seemed to fit her, since she was known as Wulfven. The ship being the Nightwolf.