Welcome to the Nightwolf, which is being played on Nova,we travel through space on adventures,and land on different planets for work..We have our fun times too..

It was 2518, Its been a while after the war. Serenity, a Firefly class ship and her crew some how managed to save our entire galaxy. Liberating us from the Alliance by a single message being sent to prove the lies we've all been living under. Who knows what that crew, no, those Heroes are doing now. However, there is a new, well...old, because she's a rust bucket, crew taking on runs, fighting the remnats of the Alliance and the Reavers.

The Nightwolf was born, with the efforts of one former bowncoat Colonel Sasha Reynolds. Sasha looked for a group of people, the best at what they do to help with this. Because yes, now it is for the rebellion, there is still profit to be made. With a rag tag team, aboard the Nightwolf, they set off their adventures, meeting shady characters, to get the work, and get paid, while soaring through space...and even possibly....into the Void.

Latest News Items

» Nightwolf Sim/rpg Rating #2

Posted on Sun May 28th, 2017 @ 9:52pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds in Sim Announcement

Hello everyone, This is your capt, Colonel Sasha Reynolds, i have some news to tell you all, I've been running this sim for a while, and never had a Sim rating. Well thanks to our ex pilot,aka John Barnes showing me the website that shows sim/rpg Ratings.http://www.rpgrating.com/ Anyways i've decided that, My sim Nightwolf be sim rating #2. Which is: #2
Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations. Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations. Explicit violence is permitted. #0 was pg,for kids only and what not, #1 was like PG-13,#2 is "R", Is what im giving the Nightwolf. And #3 is like XXX... I just wanted to let you all know. So happy simming everyone.

Colonel Sasha Reynolds

» New Doctor needed

Posted on Mon May 22nd, 2017 @ 4:07pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds in General News

Hello This is your friendly neighborhood Capt, Colonel Sasha Reynolds. I just wanted to let you know that our doctor decided to stay with his one sim, so we need a new doctor. So anyone knows anyone who would like to sim on a firefly based sim called Nightwolf, tell them to see me: Colonel Sasha Reynolds,on discord.my e-mail(debbie -S-/discord - Merlar) address is Nightwolf.firefly@gmail.com,or my First mate Kaylia(Angelus, aka Sean)his e-mail is: Angelusvxv@aim.com.


Colonrl Sasha Reynolds

» new crew

Posted on Fri May 5th, 2017 @ 8:04pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds in Sim Announcement

Hey Everyone,

just to let you all know we got a new Pilot,some of you might know her from other star trek sims,and she will take over Johns positon,of pilot. We hate to see john leave but hes done a great job as pilot.We wish him all the luck, and Happiness in his future.
Our new pilot is Kai,as i talk to my First mate Kaylia,to see if its ok that Kai takes 2nd position besides the pilot..SSoo Welcome her aboard.I'm trying to get this one person to help the doc,I'm on stand by with her.So we should see.Keep logging everyone ,there will be alot of activity in Whitefall with supplies,and finding work..

Colonel Sasha Reynolds

» Nightwolf Story

Posted on Fri Apr 21st, 2017 @ 2:03am by Colonel Sasha Reynolds in General News

Its been a few months to close to a year since the Nightwolf was built and bought. Leaving Persephone it took just as much time before she could take off. Though once Colonel Reyonlds bought her she was off and born. Her crew going out in the Verse, work, supplies, sometimes sum pillaging, cheating, lying. Her first stop, Whitefall. Not going to want to run into Reavers, or what is left of the Alliance, but it will probably happen.
This is where you come in, joining the crew, kicking some ass and getting paid.
Email at Nightwolf.firefly@gmail.com, and or visit www.nightwolf.starfleetuk.org

» The Further Adventures of the Nightwolf

Posted on Wed Apr 19th, 2017 @ 1:33am by Colonel Sasha Reynolds in General News

Its been a few Months to around a Year ,since the Nightwolf was born, on Persephone it took months to get her built,and ready to take off.Now The Nightwolf is born and is out in space, with her crew of The Nightwolf will travel in outter Space,and cruise planets.for work,and supplies. The Nightwolf's first stop is Whitefall,looking for work and collecting supplies from local people in the Town and after the job is done..Its off to fly into space to do it all over again,just lets not run into Reavers,or Alliance thats all we need trouble ahead.The Nightwolf is looking for 2 simmers/Rpgers A Doctor(a Simon type character) A Weapons Specialist(Jayne Cobb Character) anyone interested, leave me an e-mail at Nightwolf.firefly@gmail.com

Latest Mission Posts

» The Divide part 1

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Posted on Wed Jun 14th, 2017 @ 3:43pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Kaylia Strenvale & Sergeant Sarah Johnson

Sasha had her Browncoat on getting ready to leave the Nightwolf, to walk onto Whitefall. She got on the comm, "Major Maxwell, I need you to come with me into Whitefall. You and I are gonna walk together and check out the area." Sasha waited for him to come with…

» Its a kitten, and hello new Weapons specialist Part 1

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Posted on Wed Jun 14th, 2017 @ 3:30pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Rebekka Ingadottir & Civilian Kaylia Strenvale & Sergeant Major Jason McKenna Jr. & Sergeant Golistan Boldinski Chief

"You come back here you little shit!" Kaylia was running after a kitten. Which clearly was avoiding her words. She also didn't care what Sasha said, she was the First Mate and had a plan that would work for both of them. If she could catch the little fucker. "Stop…

» Meeting New Crew,while on Whitefall

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 8:57pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Kaylia Strenvale & Civilian John Smith & Sergeant Major Jason McKenna Jr. & Sergeant Sarah Johnson

Sasha was in the Bar, hanging with Kaylia since after her insident with the guy grabbing her breasts. Sasha thought she watch Kaylie like a hawk. Sasha ordered a strong drink,as she sat near Kaylia, and see if she would like to play Chinese Checkers with her.

Sasha had already…

» Checking in with Engineering

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 7:02pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Sergeant Golistan Boldinski Chief

Sasha was busy making sure all was secure before lift off from Whitefall, So Sasha walked down to engineering, looking for Sergeant Boldiniski, Nightwolf's Engineer. Sasha walked down the corridor of the Nightwolf,where engineering is and walked in and she did not see Sergeant Boldiniski. Sasha frowned a little, "Boy…

» Nightwolf party time in space

Mission: The Take Off,of Nightwolf
Posted on Thu Jun 8th, 2017 @ 2:42pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Rebekka Ingadottir & Civilian Kaylia Strenvale & Sergeant Golistan Boldinski Chief

Sasha got on the command speaker to get everyone's attention.
"Attention everyone on the Nightwolf, this is your Captain Sasha Reynolds. Please report outside. I am getting ready to break the christening bottle."

Sasha said as she carried the bigger champagne bottle,down the walk and the stairs,to walk outside the…

Latest Personal Logs

» Cats, water issues, and thieves.

Posted on Sun May 14th, 2017 @ 10:02am by Sergeant Golistan Boldinski Chief

Well I was informed we had a cat aboard, not too big of deal. Just need allergy meds and I'll be fine, just need to avoid the feline when my allegies are the worst. Decided we needed more water reserves on board made 2 big drums that I sterilized for…

» Traveling to Whitefall

Posted on Tue Apr 25th, 2017 @ 11:26pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Sasha continued to sit at the co-pilots seat the whole time Maxwell was flying us to Whitefall,the whole ride was smooth sailing and Sasha enjoyed the whole ride. At least Sasha can calm down after that fiasco with that little witch, Kaylia Strenvale whos been giving her hell about living…

» trying to adjust to others.

Posted on Wed Apr 19th, 2017 @ 9:06pm by Sergeant Golistan Boldinski Chief

My trip ti the bridge area, was a waste of my time. Sone of the crew are acting like spoiled children. Try my patience, let alon e my time. I hope we survive this act of lunacy.

» relaxing in quarters

Posted on Wed Apr 12th, 2017 @ 6:39pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Sasha walked down the ladder to her quarters,to relax for the evening and thats what she did she poured herself a shot of whiskey.Sasha took her whiskey bottle and shot glass to her comphy bed,and sat feeling releived of a stressful day as captain.
She knew they needed some supplies,and…

» Relaxing in her quarters

Posted on Wed Apr 5th, 2017 @ 4:32pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Sasha was settling in her new quarters with a bed to relax on she was a happy camper to finally get her firefly class ship, Nightwolf of the ground and start their new space journey and hoping not to run into Alliance, or Reavers she did not want them around…